Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Aggravated Punishment for Bribery)
Article 3 (Acceptance of Bribe for Mediation)
Article 4 (Extension of Applicable Object of Bribery)
Article 4-2 (Aggravated Punishment of Arrest, Confinement, etc.)
Article 4-3 (Aggravated Punishment of Divulgence of Secret on Official Duties)
Article 5 (Loss of National Treasury, etc.)
Article 5-2 (Aggravated Punishment of Kidnapping and Inducement)
Article 5-3 (Aggravated Punishment for Driver of Hit and Run Vehicle)
Article 5-4 (Aggravated Punishment of Habitual Larceny, Robbery, etc.)
Article 5-5 (Aggravated Punishment of Second Offender of Injury Resulting from Robbery)
Articles 5-6 and 5-7 Deleted.
Article 5-8 (Formation of Organization, etc.)
Article 5-9 (Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Retaliatory Crime)
Article 5-10 (Aggravated Punishment of Violence Used against Drivers Operating Motor Vehicles)
Article 5-11 (Death and Injury due to Dangerous Driving)
Article 6 (Aggravated Punishment of Offense against the Customs Act)
Article 7 (Use of Weapons by Related Public Officials)
Article 8 (Aggravated Punishment of Evasion of Taxes)
Article 8-2 (Aggravated Punishment for Violating Obligation, etc. to Deliver Tax Invoice)
Article 9 (Aggravated Punishment of Offense against Creation and Management under the Forest Resources Act or Another Act)
Article 10 (Aggravated Punishment of Currency Forgery)
Article 11 (Aggravated Punishment of Narcotic Offender, etc.)
Article 12 (Evasion of Law on Behalf of Foreigners)
Article 13 (Confiscation)
Article 14 (False Accusation)
Article 15 (Special Dereliction of Duties)
Article 16 (Special Cases on Prosecution)