Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Reporting on Foreign Investment, Applications for Permission, etc.)
Articles 3 through 5 Omitted.
Article 6 (Temporarily Exceptional Period of Sustainment of Minimum Foreign Investment Ratio)
Articles 7 and 8 Deleted.
Article 9 (Applications for Exemption or Reduction of Rental Fees for Stated-Owned Property)
Article 9-2 Deleted.
Article 9-3 (Standards, etc. for Local Headquarters)
Article 9-4 (Applications for Funding)
Article 10 (Handling, etc. of Civil Petitions by Foreign-Capital-Invested Companies)
Articles 11 through 15-6 Omitted.
Article 16 (Criteria for Research and Development Facilities)
Article 16-2 Deleted.
Article 17 (Applications for Registration of Foreign-Capital-Invested Company)
Article 17-2 (Cancellation of Registration of Foreign-Capital-Invested Companies)
Article 18 Deleted.
Article 19 (Cooperation for Follow-up Management of Foreign Investment)
Article 20 Deleted.
Article 21 (Prohibition on Public Disclosure of Confidential Business Information Related to Foreign Investment)
Article 22 Deleted.
Article 23 (Applications for Examination and Confirmation of Capital Goods Introduced)
Article 24 (Applications for Confirmation of Completion of Investment in Kind)
Article 25 (Re-Examination of Regulations)

[Table 1] Documents to be submitted when reporting, or applying for permission for, foreign investment (refer to Article 2 (1)) attachFileDownload
[Table 2] Civil petitions to be handled individually (refer to Article 10 (4)) attachFileDownload
[Form 1] Foreign Investment by Acquisition of Stocks (or Contribution)[ ]Notification Form [ ]Application for Authorization attachFileDownload
[Form 2] Foreign Investment in the Form of a Long-Term Loan [ ]Notification [ ]Change of Information attachFileDownload
[Form 3] Information Change by the Acquisition of Stocks (or Contribution) by Foreign Investors [ ]Notification Form [ ]Application for Authorization attachFileDownload
[Form 4] Deleted. attachFileDownload
[Form 5] Deleted. attachFileDownload
[Form 6] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 7] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 8] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 9] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 10] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 11] Application for Reduction or Exemption of Rental Charges of State Property attachFileDownload
[Form 11-2] Application for Designation of Local Headquarters attachFileDownload
[Form 11-3] Application for Cash Grants attachFileDownload
[Form 11-4] Permission, etc. for Application for Processing in Bulk attachFileDownload
[Form 12] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 13] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 14] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 15] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16-2] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16-3] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16-4] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16-5] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16-6] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 16-7] Application for Designation of Research and Development Facility attachFileDownload
[Form 17] Registration of a Foreign-Invested Enterprise [ ]Registration [ ]Change of Information attachFileDownload
[Form 18] Certificate of Registration of a Foreign-Invested Enterprise attachFileDownload
[Form 18-2] Confirmation of Cancellation of a Foreign-Invested Enterprise Registration attachFileDownload
[Form 19] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 20] Name of Company attachFileDownload
[Form 21] Name of Company attachFileDownload
[Form 22] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 23] Deleted attachFileDownload
[Form 24] Application for Examination or Verification of Details on Introduced Goods, Such as Capital Goods attachFileDownload
[Form 25] Application for Confirmation of Completion of In-Kind Investment attachFileDownload