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Wholly Amended by Act No. 9648, May 8, 2009

 Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Act is to provide for special cases concerning the reduction of the amount of compensation under Article 765 of the Civil Act where a person who has accidentally caused a fire is not grossly negligent considering the special characteristics of a fire caused by negligence.
 Article 2 (Scope of Application)
The Act is only applicable to a claim for compensation for a part damaged by combustion where a fire is caused by negligence.
 Article 3 (Reduction of Amount of Compensation)
(1) Where an accidential fire is not caused by gross negligence, a person liable for damage resulting therefrom (hereinafter referred to as "person liable for damage") may claim for reduction of the amount of compensation to the court.
(2) The court may, if a claim under paragraph (1) is filed, reduce the amount of compensation taking account of the following matters:
1. Cause and scale of fire;
2. Objects damaged and severity thereof;
3. Cause of spread of combustion and damage;
4. Effort by a person who caused a fire by negligence for preventing damage from spreading;
5. Economic condition of a person liable for damage and victim;
6. Other circumstances to consider in determining the amount of compensation.
(1) (Enforcement Date) This Act shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation.
(2) (Applicability) This Act shall also apply to a fire caused by negligence before this Act enters into force since August 31, 2007.