Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 3 (Relationship with other Acts)
Article 4 (Scope of Application)
SECTION 1 General Provisions
Article 5 (Master Plans for Surveys and Execution Plans)
Article 6 (Standards of Surveys)
Article 7 (Survey Datum Point)
Article 8 (Setting and Management of Marker of Survey Control Point)
Article 9 (Protection of Marker of Survey Datum Point)
Article 10 (Construction of Cooperation System)
Article 10-2 (Comprehensive Management of Survey Business Information)
Article 10-3 (Assessment and Public Notification of Capability to Perform Survey Service Business)
Article 11 (Notification, etc. of Changes in Topography and Natural Features)
SECTION 2 Fundamental Survey
Article 12 (Execution, etc. of Fundamental Surveys)
Article 13 (Notification of Fundamental Survey Results)
Article 14 (Keeping, Perusal, etc. of Fundamental Survey Results)
Article 15 (Publication of Maps, etc. by Using Results, etc. of Fundamental Surveys)
Article 16 (Prohibition of Taking Fundamental Survey Results Abroad)
SECTION 3 Public Survey and General Survey
Article 17 (Execution, etc. of Public Surveys)
Article 18 (Examination of Public Survey Results)
Article 19 (Keeping, Perusal, etc. of Public Survey Results)
Article 20 (Publication of Maps, etc. by Using Results of Public Survey)
Article 21 (Prohibition of Taking Public Survey Results Abroad)
Article 22 (Execution, etc. of General Surveys)
SECTION 4 Cadastral Survey
Article 23 (Execution, etc. of Cadastral Surveys)
Article 24 (Commissioning, etc. of Cadastral Surveys)
Article 25 (Examination on Results of Cadastral Surveys)
Article 26 (Method of Determining Areas, etc. Subsequent to Alteration of Land)
Article 27 (Retention, Perusal, etc. of Results of Cadastral Control Point)
Article 28 (Cadastral Committee)
Article 29 (Examination as to Whether Cadastral Survey is Proper)
Article 30 (Master Plans for Waterway Surveys)
Article 31 (Execution, etc. of Waterway Surveys)
Article 32 (Public Notification of Execution, etc. of Waterway Survey)
Article 33 (Submission and Examination of Results of Waterway Survey)
Article 34 (Retention, Perusal, etc. of Waterway Survey Results)
Article 35 (Publication, etc. of Waterway Publications)
Article 36 (Reproduction, etc. of Waterway Publications)
Article 37 (Notification of Matters related to Waterway Information)
Article 38 (Utilization of Waterway Survey Results by Related Agencies)
SECTION 6 Survey Technician and Waterway Technician
Article 39 (Survey Technician)
Article 40 (Report, etc. of Survey Technician)
Article 41 (Responsibility of Survey Technician)
Article 42 (Suspension, etc. of Survey Technician's Survey Service)
Article 43 (Waterway Technician)
SECTION 7 Survey Business and Waterway Business
Article 44 (Registration of Survey Business)
Article 45 (Scopes of Business of Cadastral Survey business person)
Article 46 (Succession to Status of Survey business person)
Article 47 (Grounds for Disqualification for Registration of Survey Business)
Article 48 (Reporting of Suspension or Closure, etc. of Survey Business)
Article 49 (Prohibition, etc. on Lending Survey Business Registration Certificate)
Article 50 (Duty of Good Faith, etc. of Cadastral Surveyor)
Article 51 (Liability for Indemnifying for Damage)
Article 52 (Revocation, etc. of Registration of Survey Business)
Article 52-2 (Succession, etc. to the Effect of Administrative Measures against Survey Business Persons)
Article 53 (Execution of Survey Projects, etc. by Survey Business Person after Disposition of Registration Revocation, etc.)
Article 54 (Registration of Waterway Business)
Article 55 (Consideration of Surveys and Waterway Surveys)
SECTION 8 Association
Article 56 Deleted.
Article 57 (Maritime Survey Association)
SECTION 9 Deleted
Articles 58 through 63 Deleted.
SECTION 1 Registration of Land
Article 64 (Examination, Registration, etc. of Land)
Article 65 (Partitioning, etc. of Ground Boundary)
Article 66 (Setting, etc. of Parcel Number)
Article 67 (Classification of Land Categories)
Article 68 (Unit, etc. of Area)
Section 2 Cadastral Records
Article 69 (Keeping and Preservation, etc. of Cadastral Record)
Article 70 (Establishment of Exclusive Cadastral Information Management Organization)
Article 71 (Matters to be Entered in Registers)
Article 72 (Matters to be Registered in Cadastral Maps, etc.)
Article 73 (Matters to be Entered in Boundary Point Coordinate Registers)
Article 74 (Restoration of Cadastral Record)
Article 75 (Perusal of Cadastral Record and Delivery of its Attested Copy)
Article 76 (Use, etc. of Cadastral Computerized Data)
Article 76-2 (Management and Administration of Comprehensive Real Estate Records)
Article 76-3 (Matters to be Registered, etc. in Comprehensive Real Estate Records)
Article 76-4 (Inspection of Comprehensive Real Estate Records and Issuance of Certificates)
Article 76-5 (Application Mutatis Mutandis)
SECTION 3 Application for Land Alteration, Cadastral Adjustment, etc.
Article 77 (Application for New Registration)
Article 78 (Application for Registration Conversion)
Article 79 (Application for Partition)
Article 80 (Application for Annexation)
Article 81 (Application for Land Category Change)
Article 82 (Application for Cancellation of Registration of Land Engulfed by Sea)
Article 83 (Scale Change)
Article 84 (Revision of Registered Matters)
Article 85 (Changes, etc. of Titles of Administrative Areas)
Article 86 (Special Case of Application for Land Alteration in Region where Urban Development Projects, etc. are Executed)
Article 87 (Subrogation of Application)
Article 88 (Adjustment of Landowners)
Article 89 (Entrustment of Registration)
Article 90 (Notice of Cadastral Adjustments, etc.)
Article 91 (Determination of Geographical Names)
Article 92 (Test of Survey Instruments)
Article 93 (Registration of Performance Testing Agent)
Article 94 (Grounds for Disqualification of Registration of Performance Testing Agent)
Article 95 (Prohibition, etc. of Lending Certificate of Performance Testing Agent)
Article 96 (Revocation, etc. of Registration of Performance Testing Agent)
Article 97 (Promotion, etc. of Research and Development)
Article 98 (Education and Training for Persons Engaged in Survey and Waterway Survey Service)
Article 99 (Report and Inspection)
Article 100 (Hearings)
Article 101 (Access to Land, etc.)
Article 102 (Compensation for Loss due to Access, etc. to Land, etc.)
Article 103 (Expropriation or Use of Land)
Article 104 (Accepting Works Requests)
Article 105 (Delegation and Entrustment, etc. of Authority)
Article 106 (Fees, etc.)
Article 107 (Penal Provisions)
Article 108 (Penal Provisions)
Article 109 (Penal Provisions)
Article 110 (Joint Penal Provisions)
Article 111 (Fines for Negligence)