Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Scope of Application)
Article 3 (Definition of Elector)
Article 4 (Basis of Population)
Article 5 (Cooperation for Election Affairs)
Article 6 (Guarantee for Exercise of Franchises)
Article 6-2 (Guarantee of Voting Leave to Persons Employed by Another)
Article 7 (Responsibilities of Political Parties, Candidates, etc. for Fair Competition)
Article 8 (Responsibilities of Press for Fair Reports)
Article 8-2 (Election Broadcast Deliberative Committee)
Article 8-3 (Election News Deliberative Committee)
Article 8-4 (Requests for Counterargument Report on Election News)
Article 8-5 (Internet Election News Deliberative Committee)
Article 8-6 (Correction Report, etc. of Internet Press Agencies)
Article 8-7 (Election Debate Broadcasting Committee)
Article 8-8 (Committee for Deliberation on Fairness in Public Opinion Polls on Election)
Article 9 (Responsibilities of Public Officials for Neutrality)
Article 10 (Drive of Social Organizations for Fair Election)
Article 10-2 (Supervisory Group of Vote Rigging)
Article 10-3 (Cyber Supervisory Group of Vote Rigging)
Article 11 (Status Guarantee of Candidates, etc.)
Article 12 (Election Management)
Article 13 (Constituency Election Management)
Article 14 (Commencement of Term of Office)
Article 15 (Voting Right)
Article 16 (Electoral Eligibility)
Article 17 (Criteria for Calculating Age)
Article 18 (Disfranchised Persons)
Article 19 (Persons Ineligible for Election)
Article 20 (Election Districts)
Article 21 (Fixed Number of National Assembly Members)
Article 22 (Fixed Number of City/Do Council Members)
Article 23 (Fixed Number of Autonomous Gu/Si/Gun Council Members)
Article 24 (Constituency Demarcation Committee for National Assembly Members)
Article 24-2 (Confirmation of Local Constituencies for Electing Members to National Assembly)
Article 24-3 (Constituency Demarcation Committee for Autonomous Gu/Si/Gun Council Members)
Article 25 (Demarcation of Local Constituencies for Electing Members to National Assembly)
Article 26 (Demarcation of Constituencies for Local Council Members)
Article 27 (Postponement of Election in Case of Change in Constituency for National Assembly Members during Terms of Office)
Article 28 (Adjustment of Fixed Number of Local Council Members during Terms of Office)
Article 29 (Election for Membership Increase of Local Council Members)
Article 30 (Election in Case of Abolition, Establishment, Division, and Merger of Local Governments)
Article 31 (Voting Districts)
Article 32 (Change in Districts)
Article 33 (Election Period)
Article 34 (Election Day)
Article 35 (Election Day of Special Election, etc.)
Article 36 (Election Day of Postponed Election)
Article 37 (Preparation of Electoral Register)
Article 38 (Reporting of Ballot at Abode or aboard Ship)
Article 39 (Supervision, etc. over Preparation of Electoral Registers)
Article 40 (Public Inspection of Electoral Register)
Article 41 (Objection and Decision)
Article 42 (Appeal of Dissatisfaction and Decision)
Article 43 (Relief of Persons Omitted in Electoral Register)
Article 44 (Finalization and Effects of Electoral Registers)
Article 44-2 (Preparation of Integrated Electoral Register)
Article 45 (Re-preparation of Electoral Registers)
Article 46 (Delivery of Copy of Electoral Register)
Article 47 (Recommendation of Candidates by Political Parties)
Article 47-2 (Prohibitions on Accepting Money and Articles concerning Recommendation of Candidates by Political Parties)
Article 48 (Recommendations of Candidates by Electors)
Article 49 (Registration, etc. of Candidates)
Article 50 (Prohibition from Cancelling and Changing Recommendation of Candidates)
Article 51 (Supplementary Registration)
Article 52 (Nullification of Registration)
Article 53 (Candidacy of Public Officials, etc.)
Article 54 (Report on Resignation of Candidates)
Article 55 (Public Notification of Candidate Registration, etc.)
Article 56 (Deposit Money)
Article 57 (Return, etc. of Deposit Money)
Article 57-2 (Intra-Party Competition for Recommending Candidates)
Article 57-3 (Intra-Party Competition Campaign)
Article 57-4 (Commission of Intra-Party Competition Clerical Services)
Article 57-5 (Prohibition from Buying Party Members, etc.)
Article 57-6 (Prohibition against Intra-Party Competition Campaign by Public Officials, etc.)
Article 57-7 (Raising of Objection to Commissioning of Intra-Party Competition)
Article 57-8 (Provision of Safe Numbers for Primary Elections, etc.)
Article 58 (Definitions, etc.)
Article 58-2 (Soliciting to Participate in Voting)
Article 59 (Period for Election Campaign)
Article 60 (Persons Barred from Election Campaign)
Article 60-2 (Registration of Preliminary Candidates)
Article 60-3 (Election Campaigns by Preliminary Candidates, etc.)
Article 60-4 (Collection of Campaign Pledges of Preliminary Candidate)
Article 61 (Establishment of Election Campaign Organizations)
Article 61-2 (Establishment of Political Party's Election Campaign Office)
Article 62 (Appointment of Persons in Charge of Election Campaign Affairs)
Article 63 (Report on Election Campaign Organizations and Election Affairs-Related Persons)
Article 64 (Campaign Posters)
Article 65 (Election Campaign Bulletins)
Article 66 (Written Campaign Promises)
Article 67 (Hanging Banner)
Article 68 (Props Including Shoulder Belts)
Article 69 (Newspaper Advertisements)
Article 70 (Broadcast Advertisements)
Article 71 (Broadcast Speech of Candidates, etc.)
Article 72 (Broadcast of Candidate's Campaign Speeches Supervised by Broadcasting Facilities)
Article 73 (Broadcast of Careers)
Article 74 (Career Broadcasts Supervised by Broadcasting Facilities)
Articles 75 through 78 Deleted.
Article 79 (Campaign Speeches or Interviews at Open Places)
Article 80 (Places Barred from Campaign Speech)
Article 81 (Interviews or Debates by Organizations Inviting Candidates, etc.)
Article 82 (Interviews or Debates by Press Inviting Candidates, etc.)
Article 82-2 (Interviews or Debates Supervised by Election Debate Broadcasting Committee)
Article 82-3 (Policy Debates Supervised by Election Debate Broadcasting Committee)
Article 82-4 (Election Campaigns by Utilizing Information and Communications Networks)
Article 82-5 (Restriction on Transmission of Election Campaign Information)
Article 82-6 (Identification of Real Names on Bulletin Boards or Chatting Pages, etc. of Internet Press Agencies)
Article 82-7 (Internet Advertisements)
Article 83 (Provision of Transportation)
Article 84 (Independent Candidates Prohibited from Professing Political Party)
Article 85 (Prohibition of Involvement of Public Officials, etc. in Elections, etc.)
Article 86 (Public Officials, etc. Prohibited from Acts of Having Effects on Election)
Article 87 (Prohibition of Organization's Election Campaign)
Article 88 (Prohibition of Election Campaign in Favor of other Candidates)
Article 89 (Prohibition of Establishment of Similar Institutions)
Article 89-2 Deleted.
Article 90 (Prohibition of Installing, etc. of Facilities)
Article 91 (Restriction on Use of Loudspeaker Systems, Motor Vehicles, etc.)
Article 92 (Prohibition of Election Campaign Using Motion Pictures, etc.)
Article 93 (Prohibition of Unlawful Distribution or Posting, etc. of Documents and Pictures)
Article 94 (Prohibition of Advertisements by Broadcast or Newspaper, etc.)
Article 95 (Prohibition of Abnormal Distribution of Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)
Article 96 (Prohibition of False Criticism or Report)
Article 97 (Restriction on Acts, etc. for Unlawful Use of Broadcast or Newspaper)
Article 98 (Restriction on Use of Broadcast for Election Campaign)
Article 99 (Prohibition of Election Campaign by Internal Broadcast, etc.)
Article 100 (Prohibition of Use of Recorders, etc.)
Article 101 (Prohibition of other Campaign Speech Meetings, etc.)
Article 102 (Restriction on Night Campaign Speeches, etc.)
Article 103 (Restriction on Various Assemblies, etc.)
Article 104 (Prohibition of Disturbing Acts, etc. at Campaign Speech Meeting)
Article 105 (Prohibition of Procession, etc.)
Article 106 (Restriction on House-to-House Visits)
Article 107 (Prohibition, etc. of Signature or Seal Campaign)
Article 108 (Prohibition, etc. of Publication of Results of Public Opinion Poll)
Article 108-2 (Prohibition, etc. of Publication of Comparison and Appraisal concerning Policies and Campaign Promises)
Article 109 (Prohibition of Election Campaign by Letters, Telegrams, etc.)
Article 110 (Prohibition of Slander against Candidates, etc.)
Article 110-2 (Filing Objections to False Information, etc.)
Article 111 (Report on Parliamentary Activities)
Article 112 (Definitions, etc. of Acts of Contribution)
Article 113 (Restriction on Contribution by Candidates, etc.)
Article 114 (Restriction on Contribution by Political Parties and Family, etc. of Candidate)
Article 115 (Restriction on Contribution by Third Persons)
Article 116 (Prohibition of Solicitation, Request, etc. for Contribution)
Article 117 (Prohibition on Receiving Contributions, etc.)
Article 117-2 Deleted.
Article 118 (Prohibition of Return Courtesy after Election)
Article 119 (Definition of Election Expenses, etc.)
Article 120 (Expenses not Recognized as Election Expenses)
Article 121 (Computation of Restricted Amount of Election Expenses)
Article 122 (Public Notification of Restricted Amount of Election Expenses)
Article 122-2 (Filling, etc. of Election Expenses)
Articles 123 through 134 Deleted.
Article 135 (Allowance and Compensation for Actual Expenses for Election Campaign Workers)
Article 135-2 (Restriction on Filling Election Expenses)
Article 136 Deleted.
Article 137 (Restriction on Newspaper Advertisement, etc. of Party Platform and Policies)
Article 137-2 (Restriction on Broadcast Speech of Platform and Policy)
Article 138 (Restriction on Distribution, etc. of Brochures on Platform and Policies)
Article 138-2 (Restrictions on Distribution, etc. of Policy Promise Collection, etc.)
Article 139 (Restrictions on Publication and Distribution of Party Organs)
Article 140 (Restriction on Holding and Announcing Rally for Formation of Political Parties)
Article 141 (Restriction on Rally of Party Members)
Articles 142 and 143 Deleted.
Article 144 (Restriction on Recruitment, etc. of Party Members)
Article 145 (Restriction on Propaganda Material, etc. to be Posted at Headquarters of Political Party)
Article 146 (Method of Election)
Article 146-2 (Officials in Charge of Voting Management and Officials in Charge of Advance Polling)
Article 147 (Establishment of Polling Stations)
Article 148 (Establishment of Advance Polling Stations)
Article 149 (Balloting Booths in Organizations or Facilities)
Article 149-2 Deleted.
Article 150 (Order, etc. of Names of Political Parties and Candidates Printed on Ballot Papers)
Article 151 (Preparation of Ballot Papers and Boxes)
Article 152 (Public Announcement of Ballot Paper Model, etc.)
Article 153 (Mailing of Voting Guidance Leaflets)
Article 154 (Mailing of Ballot Papers to Abode Voters)
Article 154-2 (Transmission, etc. of Ballot Papers to Shipboard Voters)
Article 155 (Balloting Hours)
Article 156 (Restriction on Voting)
Article 157 (Procedure for Receiving and Recording Ballot Papers)
Article 158 (Advance Polling)
Article 158-2 (Abode Polling)
Article 158-3 (Shipboard Polling)
Article 159 (Method of Marking on Ballot)
Article 160 Deleted.
Article 161 (Voting Witnesses)
Article 162 (Advance Polling Witnesses)
Article 163 (Restriction on Access to Polling Stations, etc.)
Article 164 (Maintenance of Order in Polling Stations, etc.)
Article 165 (Prohibition of Carrying Arms, Deadly Weapons, etc.)
Article 166 (Prohibition, etc. of Noisy Speeches and Behaviors Inside and Outside of Polling Stations)
Article 166-2 (Prohibition of Photographing Ballot Papers)
Article 167 (Ensuring Secrecy of Voting)
Article 168 (Closing and Sealing Ballot Boxes, etc.)
Article 169 (Preparation of Voting Records)
Article 170 (Sending Ballot Boxes, etc.)
Article 171 (Handing Over Documents Related to Voting)
Article 172 (Management of Ballot Counting)
Article 173 (Ballot-Counting Places)
Article 174 (Ballot-Counting Assistants)
Article 175 (Commencement of Ballot Counting)
Article 176 (Receipt of Delivered Advance Votes, Abode Votes, and Shipboard Votes and Counting thereof)
Article 177 (Opening of Ballot Boxes)
Article 178 (Proceeding of Ballot Counting)
Article 179 (Invalid Votes)
Article 180 (Decision on Objection against Effect of Votes)
Article 181 (Witness of Ballot Counting)
Article 182 (Observation of Ballot Counting)
Article 183 (Restriction on Access to, and Maintenance of Order in, Ballot Counting Place)
Article 184 (Sorting Ballot Papers)
Article 185 (Preparation, etc. of Ballot-Counting Record, Totalization Record, and Election Record)
Article 186 (Keeping Ballot Papers, Ballot-Counting Records, and Election Records, etc.)
Article 187 (Decision on, Public Announcement and Notification of Elected Person for Presidency)
Article 188 (Decision on, Announcement and Notification of Elected Local Constituency National Assembly Members)
Article 189 (Allocation of Seats of Proportional Representative National Assembly Members and Decision on, Announcement and Notification of Elected Persons)
Article 190 (Decision on, Announcement and Notification of Elected Local Council Members of Local Constituency)
Article 190-2 (Decision on, Announcement and Notification of Elected Proportional Representative Local Council Members)
Article 191 (Decision on, Announcement and Notification of, Elected Heads of Local Governments)
Article 191-2 (Report on Resignation of Elected Persons)
Article 192 (Invalidation, etc. of Election due to Forfeiture of Eligibility)
Article 193 (Correction of Errors in Decision on Elected Persons)
Article 194 (Re-decision on Elected Persons and Reallocation of Seats of Proportional Representative National Assembly Members and of Proportional Representative Local Council Members)
Article 195 (Reelection)
Article 196 (Postponement of Election)
Article 197 (Reelection due to Partial Invalidation of Election)
Article 198 (Revoting due to Natural Disaster or Terrestrial Upheaval)
Article 199 (Holding Postponed Elections, etc.)
Article 200 (Special Election)
Article 201 (Special Cases on Special Election, etc.)
Article 202 (Definition of Simultaneous Elections and Election Period)
Article 203 (Scope and Election Day of Simultaneous Elections)
Article 204 (Special Cases on Electoral Register)
Article 205 (Special Cases on Establishment of Election Campaign Organizations and Appointment of Election Affairs Personnel)
Article 206 (Special Cases on Campaign Posters)
Article 207 (Special Cases of Booklet-type Election Campaign Bulletins)
Article 208 Deleted.
Article 209 (Special Cases on Speech or Interview at Open Place)
Article 210 (Special Cases on Regulation of Party Activities Related to Election)
Article 211 (Special Cases on Ballot Papers and Voting Guidance Leaflets)
Article 212 (Special Cases on Dispatching, Returning, etc. of Ballot Papers in Abode Polling and Advance Polling)
Article 213 (Special Cases on Selection, Appointment, etc. of Voting Witnesses)
Article 214 (Special Cases on Opening, etc. of Ballot Boxes)
Article 215 (Special Cases on Ballot-Counting Witnesses)
Article 216 (Special Cases on Holding Four or More Elections Simultaneously)
Article 217 (Special Cases on Preparation of Voting Record, Ballot Counting Record, etc.)
Article 218 (Establishment and Operation of Overseas Election Commission)
Article 218-2 (Appointment of Overseas Returning Officer)
Article 218-3 (Duties of Overseas Election Commission and Overseas Returning Officer)
Article 218-4 (Reporting of Overseas Absentees)
Article 218-5 (Application for Registration of Overseas Electors)
Article 218-6 (Preparation, etc. of Register of Reported Absentees to Mission)
Article 218-7 (Sending of Register, etc. of Reported Absentees to Mission)
Article 218-8 (Preparation of Overseas Electoral Register)
Article 218-9 (Preparation of Register of Reported Overseas Absentees)
Article 218-10 (Perusal of Overseas Electoral Register, etc.)
Article 218-11 (Raising of Objection to and Appeal of Dissatisfaction with Overseas Electoral Register, etc.)
Article 218-12 (Curtailment of Period, etc. in Election for Vacancy or Re-Election of President)
Article 218-13 (Decision and Sending of Overseas Electoral Register, etc.)
Article 218-14 (Special Cases concerning Methods of Overseas Election Campaign)
Article 218-15 (Special Cases on Expenses for Election Campaign)
Article 218-16 (Voting Methods of Overseas Election)
Article 218-17 (Establishment and Operation of Overseas Polling Stations)
Article 218-18 (Preparation, etc. of Ballot Papers)
Article 218-19 (Procedures for Voting of Overseas Election)
Article 218-20 (Witnessing of Vote at Overseas Polling Stations)
Article 218-21 (Returning of Overseas Votes)
Article 218-22 (Preparation and Sending of Vote Register of Overseas Polling Station)
Article 218-23 (Receipt of Overseas Votes)
Article 218-24 (Ballot Counting of Overseas Votes)
Article 218-25 (Validity of Overseas Polling)
Article 218-26 (Prescription, etc. of Public Prosecution for Criminal in Overseas Election)
Article 218-27 (Duty of Securing Fairness in Overseas Election)
Article 218-28 (Support of Overseas Election Affairs, etc.)
Article 218-29 (Handling of Overseas Election Affairs in cases of Natural Disaster, etc.)
Article 218-30 (Restrictions, etc. on Issuance of Passport to Criminal in Overseas Election)
Article 218-31 (Prohibition of Entry of Foreigners)
Article 218-32 (Consular Investigation of Criminals in Overseas Election)
Article 218-33 (Investigation of Criminals in Overseas Election by Internet-based Video Conferencing)
Article 218-34 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis, etc.)
Article 218-35 (Enforcement Rules)
Article 219 (Petition on Election)
Article 220 (Decision on Petitions)
Article 221 (Application Mutatis Mutandis of the Administrative Appeals Act)
Article 222 (Election Lawsuits)
Article 223 (Lawsuit against Election)
Article 224 (Ruling, etc. Invalidity of Election)
Article 225 (Settlement of Lawsuit, etc.)
Article 226 (Notification of Lawsuit, etc.)
Article 227 (Application of the Administrative Litigation Act)
Article 228 (Examining Evidences)
Article 229 (Special Cases on Affixing or Attaching of Revenue Stamps)
Article 230 (Corrupt Practices and Inducement by Interest)
Article 231 (Corrupt Practices and Inducement by Interest for Economic Benefits)
Article 232 (Corrupt Practices and Inducement by Interest toward Candidates)
Article 233 (Corrupt Practices and Inducement by Interest toward Elected Persons)
Article 234 (Inducement for Invalidating Election)
Article 235 (Corrupt Practices for Unlawful Use of Broadcasts or Newspapers)
Article 236 (Confiscation of Benefit from Corrupt Practices and Inducement by Interest)
Article 237 (Interference with Freedom of Election)
Article 238 (Interference with Freedom of Election by Military Personnel)
Article 239 (Interference with Freedom of Election by Abuse of Authority)
Article 239-2 (Interference with Freedom of Election by Shipmaster, etc.)
Article 240 (Interference with Posters, other Propaganda Facilities, etc.)
Article 241 (Infringement on Secrecy of Voting)
Article 242 (Interference with and Intervention in Voting or Ballot Counting)
Article 242-2 (Public Officials’ Crimes of Intervention in Administration of Overseas Election)
Article 243 (Crimes Concerning Ballot Boxes, etc.)
Article 244 (Assault or Disturbance against Those Engaged in or Facilities Related to Election Affairs Management)
Article 245 (Carrying Weapons at Polling Station, etc.)
Article 246 (Interference with Election by Many Persons)
Article 247 (Deceptive Entry and Sealing)
Article 248 (Deceptive Voting)
Article 249 (Forgery, or Increasing or Decreasing Votes)
Article 250 (Publication of False Information)
Article 251 (Slanders against Candidates)
Article 252 (Unlawful Use of Broadcasts or Newspapers)
Article 253 (False Indication of Names, etc.)
Article 254 (Violation of Election Campaign Period)
Article 255 (Unlawful Election Campaign)
Article 256 (Violation of Various Restrictive Provisions)
Article 257 (Violation of Prohibition and Restriction on Contribution Act)
Article 258 (Unlawful Disbursement, etc. of Election Expenses)
Article 259 (Instigation of Election Offense)
Article 260 (Joint Penal Provisions)
Article 261 (Imposition, Collection, etc. of Fines for Negligence)
Article 262 (Special Cases concerning Persons Who Voluntarily Surrender to Police)
Article 262-2 (Protection of Reporters, etc. of Election Crimes)
Article 262-3 (Payment of Reward Money to Person Reporting Election Crimes)
Article 263 (Invalidity of Election due to Excessive Disbursement of Election Expenses)
Article 264 (Invalidity of Election due to Election Crimes of Elected Persons)
Article 265 (Invalidity of Election due to Election Offense by Election Campaign Manager, etc.)
Article 265-2 (Return of Expenses by Persons, etc. whose Election is Invalidated)
Article 266 (Restriction on Attending to Public Affairs due to Election Offense)
Article 267 (Notification on Indictment and Judgment)
Article 268 (Prescription of Public Prosecution)
Article 269 (Jurisdiction of Trial)
Article 270 (Mandatory Statute on Trial Period of Election Crime)
Article 270-2 (Appearance in Court by Accused)
Article 271 (Measures and Vicarious Execution against Unlawful Facilities, etc.)
Article 271-2 (Restrictions on Advertisement for Election)
Article 272 (Suspension of Mailing of Unlawful Propaganda Materials)
Article 272-2 (Investigation, etc. of Election Crimes)
Article 272-3 (Investigation of Communication-Related Election Crimes)
Article 273 (Request for Ruling)
Article 274 (Report, etc. on Election)
Article 275 (Restriction on and Suspension of Election Campaign)
Article 276 (Withdrawal of Propaganda Material, etc. after Election Day)
Article 277 (Expenses for Election Management)
Article 277-2 (Compensation for Disease, Injury or Death)
Article 278 (Voting and Counting of Votes by Computer Systems)
Article 279 (Utilization, etc. for Public Interest of Publicity Materials of Political Party and Candidate)