Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 2-2 (Transfer of Authority and Liability for Chartered Aircraft)
Article 2-3 (Special Cases of Application to Military Aircraft, etc.)
Article 2-4 (Special Cases of Application to Aircraft for Use by State Agencies, etc.)
Article 2-5 (Establishment of Basic Plans for Aviation Policy)
Article 2-6 (Establishment, etc. of Aviation Policy Committee)
Article 3 (Registration of Aircraft)
Article 4 (Acquisition of Nationality)
Article 5 (Registration of Ownership, etc.)
Article 6 (Restrictions on Registration of Aircraft)
Article 7 Deleted.
Article 8 (Matters to be Registered)
Article 9 (Issuance of Registration Certificate)
Article 10 (Registration of Modifications)
Article 11 (Registration of Transfers)
Article 12 (Registration for Cancellation)
Article 13 (Requests for Issuance, etc. of Transcripts, etc. of Registration)
Article 14 (Attachment of Registration Marks)
Article 15 (Certification of Airworthiness)
Article 15-2 (Airworthiness Approval for Aircraft, etc.)
Article 16 (Certification of Aircraft’s Compliance with Noise Standards)
Article 17 (Certification of Type)
Article 17-2 (Approval for Certification of Type for Imported Aircraft, etc.)
Article 17-3 (Certification of Manufacture)
Article 18 (Changes in Criteria for Inspection of Airworthiness Certification)
Article 19 (Approval for Repairs and Modifications)
Article 20 (Approval of Type for Technical-Standard Goods)
Article 20-2 (Certification as Manufacturers of Parts, etc.)
Article 20-3 (Imposition of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 21 Deleted.
Article 22 (Validation of Maintenance Works, etc. of Aircraft, etc.)
Article 22-2 (Duty to Report Failures, Malfunctions or Defects in Aircraft, etc.)
Article 23 (Ultra-Light Planes, etc.)
Article 23-2 (Reporting Modification, etc. of Ultra-Light Planes)
Article 23-3 (Revocation, etc. of Certification as Ultra-Light Plane Operator)
Article 23-4 (Duty of Users of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Protect Personal Information, etc.)
Article 24 (Light Aircraft, etc.)
Article 25 (Certification of Qualifications, etc. for Aircrew)
Article 26 (Classification of Certification of Qualification)
Article 27 (Scope of Services)
Article 28 (Limitation on Certification of Qualifications)
Article 29 (Conducting and Exemption from Examinations)
Article 29-2 (Practical Test for Certification of Qualification Using Flight Simulators)
Article 29-3 (Designation and Support for Specialized Educational Institutions)
Article 29-4 (Electronic Processing of Data concerning Aviation Education and Collection and Management of Information)
Article 30 Deleted.
Article 31 (Certification of Medical Examination for Aircrew)
Article 31-2 (Designation, etc. of Specialized Aviation Doctors)
Article 31-3 (Revocation, etc. of Designation of Specialized Aviation Doctors)
Article 32 (Orders for Medical Examinations for Aircrew)
Article 33 (Revocation, etc. of Certification of Qualification and Medical Examinations for Aircrew)
Article 34 (Certification of Instrument Flight and Flight Instruction)
Article 34-2 (Certification of English Proficiency for Aviation)
Article 35 (Practice Flights by Aircraft)
Article 36 (Carrying Written Permission for Flight Practice, etc.)
Article 37 Deleted.
Article 37-2 (Establishment and Implementation of Plan for Developing Aviation Safety Technology)
Article 38 (Designation of Airspace, etc.)
Article 38-2 (Flight Restrictions)
Article 38-3 (Establishment of Airspace Committee)
Article 38-4 (Cooperation by Head of Relevant Administrative Agency in Air Traffic Safety)
Article 38-5 (Airspace Management in Wartime, etc.)
Article 39 (Indication of Nationality, etc.)
Article 40 (Duty to Install and Operate Wireless Apparatus)
Article 40-2 (Duty to Install and Operate Wireless Apparatus in Light Aircraft)
Article 41 (Installation, Loading, Operation, etc. of Aeronautical Instruments, etc.)
Articles 42 and 42-2 Deleted.
Article 43 (Aircraft Fuel)
Article 44 (Aircraft Lighting)
Article 45 (Requirements for Flight Crew)
Article 46 (Standards, etc. for Time on Board)
Article 47 (Alcoholic Beverages, etc.)
Article 48 (Physical Disability)
Article 49 (Aviation Safety Program)
Article 49-2 (Assistance Plans for Aircraft Accidents)
Article 49-3 (Compulsory Reporting on Aircraft Safety)
Article 49-4 (Voluntary Report on Aviation Safety)
Article 50 (Authority, etc. of Plane Captain)
Article 50-2 Deleted.
Article 51 (Operational Qualifications for Plane Captains, etc.)
Article 51-2 (Examination, etc. of Operational Qualifications Using Flight Simulators)
Article 52 (Flight Dispatchers)
Article 53 (Taking-off and Landing Areas)
Article 54 (Flight Rules)
Article 55 (Acts Prohibited during Flight)
Article 56 (Designation, etc. of Emergency Aircraft)
Articles 57 through 58 Deleted.
Article 59 (Transportation, etc. of Dangerous Goods)
Article 60 (Packing of Dangerous Goods, Inspection of Containers, etc.)
Article 61 (Education, etc. for Handling of Dangerous Goods)
Article 61-2 (Restrictions on Use of Electro-Magnetic Devices)
Articles 62 through 64 Deleted.
Article 65 Deleted.
Article 66 Deleted.
Article 67 Deleted.
Articles 68 and 69 Deleted.
Article 69-2 (Approval for Extended Diversion Time Operations)
Article 69-3 (Flying Aircraft in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Airspace, etc.)
Article 70 (Air Traffic Services, etc.)
Article 70-2 Deleted.
Article 71 Deleted.
Article 72 (Establishment and Implementation of Supporting Plan for Search or Rescue)
Article 73 (Provision, etc. of Aeronautical Information)
Article 74 (Boarding of Crew, etc.)
Article 74-2 (Technical Standards for Safe Operation of Aircraft)
Article 74-3 (Compliance with Operational and Technical Standards)
SECTION 1 Airfield and Navigation Safety Facilities
Article 75 (Installation of Airfield and Navigation Safety Facilities)
Article 75-2 (Flying Fields)
Article 76 (Public Notification, etc.)
Article 77 (Inspection of Installation Completion of Airfield and Navigation Safety Facilities)
Article 78 (Alteration of Airfield or Navigation Safety Facilities)
Article 79 (Suspension, Closure or Resumption of Use of Airfield and Navigation Safety Facilities)
Article 80 (Management of Airfield and Navigation Safety Facilities)
Article 80-2 (Performance Compatibility Certification of Navigation Safety Facilities)
Article 80-3 (Air Communications Services)
Article 81 (Revocation of Permission)
Article 82 (Restrictions on Obstacles)
Article 82-2 (Committee on Aeronautical Studies)
Article 83 (Installation of Aviation Obstacle Beacon Lights, etc.)
Article 84 (Restriction on Similar Lights)
Article 85 (Forbidden Act)
Article 86 (Rent)
Article 87 (Succession of Status of Airfield Facilities Constructor, etc.)
Article 88 (Delegation to Order)
SECTION 2 Airports
Article 89 (Establishment of Mid- to Long-Term Master Plan for Airport Development)
Article 90 (Amendments to Master Plan, etc.)
Article 91 (Public Notification of Master Plan, etc.)
Article 92 (Restricted Conducts, etc.)
Article 93 Deleted.
Article 94 (Operator of Airport Development Projects)
Article 95 (Establishment, Approval, etc. of Implementation Plans)
Article 96 (Relationship to other Acts)
Article 97 (Access to and Use of Land)
Article 98 (Expropriation of Land, etc.)
Article 99 (Restriction, etc. on Disposal of State-Owned Land)
Article 99-2 (Request for Land Purchase)
Article 99-3 (Procedures, etc. for Purchase Request)
Article 99-4 (Liability for Expenses)
Article 100 (Entrustment with Affairs concerning Land Purchase, etc.)
Article 101 (Execution of Incidental Works)
Article 102 (Vicarious Execution of Airport Development Projects)
Article 103 (Charge to Offenders Causing Damage)
Article 104 (Confirmation of Completion of Construction Works)
Article 105 (Reversion of Airport Facilities and Exemption from Rent)
Article 105-2 (Management Authority over Airport Facilities)
Article 105-3 (Nature of Management Authority for Airport Facilities)
Article 105-4 (Special Case for Establishment of Mortgages)
Article 105-5 (Change in Rights)
Article 106 (Airport Facility Management Ledger)
Article 106-2 (Conduct Prohibited in Airport Facilities)
Article 107 (Airport Facility Usage Fee)
Article 108 Deleted.
Article 108-2 (Noise Abatement Procedures, etc.)
Articles 109 and 109-2 Deleted.
Article 110 (Supervision)
Article 111 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
SECTION 3 Airport Operator’s Certificate
Article 111-2 (Airport Operator’s Certificate, etc.)
Article 111-3 (Airport Operating Rules)
Article 111-4 (Inspection, etc. of Airport Operations)
Article 111-5 (Revocation of Airport Operator’s Certificates, etc.)
Article 111-6 (Imposition of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 112 (Domestic Air Transportation Business and International Air Transportation Business)
Article 112-2 (Disclosure of Information on Safety Levels of Air Transportation Business Entities)
Article 112-3 (Transport Clauses)
Article 113 (License Standards)
Article 113-2 (Seeking Opinions about Licensing)
Article 114 (Disqualifications for License)
Article 115 (Duty to Commence Operations)
Article 115-2 (Certification for Operation for Air Transportation Business)
Article 115-3 (Revocation, etc. of Certification for Operation for Air Transportation Business)
Article 115-4 (Imposition of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 116 (Flight Manual and Maintenance Control Manual)
Article 117 (Authorization, etc. for Fares or Rates)
Article 118 (Allocation, etc. of Traffic Rights)
Article 118-2 (Allocation, etc. of Rights to Passage through Foreign Airspace)
Article 119 (Furnishing of Transport Clause, etc. for Air Transport Users)
Article 119-2 (Protection, etc. of Air Transport Users)
Article 119-3 (Air Transport Service Evaluation, etc.)
Article 119-4 (Provision, etc. of Information for Air Transport Users)
Article 119-5 (Criteria for Protection of Air Transport Users)
Article 120 (Business Plans)
Article 120-2 (Investigation into Compliance with Business Plans)
Article 121 (Agreement pertaining to Transportation, etc.)
Article 122 (Orders to Improve Business)
Article 123 (Prohibition of Lending of License, etc.)
Article 124 (Transfer or Acquisition of Business)
Article 125 (Merger of Business)
Article 126 (Inheritance)
Article 127 (Suspension of Business or Air Route)
Article 128 (Discontinuation of Business or Air Route)
Article 129 (Revocation, etc. of License)
Article 130 Deleted.
Article 131 (Imposition of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 132 (Small Air Transportation Business)
Article 133 Deleted.
Article 134 (Aircraft-Using Business)
Article 135 (Conditions to License, etc.)
Article 136 Deleted.
Article 137 (Ground Support Services)
Article 137-2 (Aircraft Maintenance Services)
Article 138 (Maintenance Organization Certification, etc.)
Article 138-2 (Revocation, etc. of Maintenance Organization Certification)
Article 138-3 (Imposition of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 139 (Commercial Document Delivery Business, etc.)
Article 140 (Aircraft Leasing Services)
Article 140-2 (Air Leisure Sport Business)
Article 141 (Business Using Ultra-Light Planes)
Article 142 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
Article 143 (Establishment of Korea Civil Aviation Development Association)
Article 144 (Navigation of Foreign Aircraft)
Article 145 (Domestic Use of Foreign Aircraft)
Article 146 (Prohibition of Munitions Transport)
Article 147 (Foreign National’s International Air Transportation Business)
Article 147-2 (Matters Requiring Compliance by International Air Transportation Business Entity of Foreign Nationality for Safe Operation)
Article 148 (Paid Transport by Foreign Aircraft)
Article 149 (Prohibition of Domestic Transport by Foreign Aircraft)
Article 150 (Revocation, etc. of Permission)
Article 151 (Recognition of Certificate, etc.)
Article 152 (Application Mutatis Mutandis to International Air Transportation Business Entities of Foreign Nationality)
CHAPTER VIII-2 (Articles 152-2 through 152-17) Deleted.
Article 153 (Activities for Safety of Aviation)
Article 153-2 (Financial Support, etc.)
Article 154 (Delegation, Entrustment, etc. of Authority)
Article 154-2 (Hearings)
Article 155 (Fees, etc.)
Article 155-2 (Re-examination of Regulation)
Article 156 (Crime of Causing Danger in Aviation)
Article 157 (Crime of Causing Danger in Flight)
Article 158 (Crime against Death or Injury by Causing Danger to Aircraft in Flight)
Article 159 (Attempted Crime)
Article 160 (Crime of Causing Danger by Negligence in Aviation)
Article 161 (Crime of Using Aircraft without Certification of Airworthiness)
Article 161-2 (Crime concerning Airport Operator’s Certificate)
Article 161-3 (Crime of Drinking or Using Alcoholic Beverages, etc.)
Article 162 (Crime of Non-Indication, etc.)
Article 163 (Crime of Failing to Keep Crew, etc. on Board)
Article 164 (Crime concerning Unqualified Air Service Renderers, etc.)
Article 165 (Crime of Making Disqualified Instrument Flight, etc.)
Article 165-2 (Crime of Operating in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Airspace, etc. without Approval)
Article 166 (Crime of Interfering with Exercise of Passenger Rights by Plane Captain, etc.)
Article 167 (Crime of Deserting Aircraft by Plane Captain)
Article 168 (Crime of Violating Plane Captain's Duty to Report)
Article 169 (Crime Pertaining to Duties of Flight Crew, etc.)
Article 170 (Crime of Illegal Use, etc. of Airfield)
Article 171 (Crime of Illegally Installing Navigation Safety Facilities without Permission)
Article 172 (Crime of Illegal Use, etc. of Ultra-Light Planes)
Article 172-2 (Crime of Illegal Use, etc. of Light Aircraft)
Article 173 (Crime of Violation of Order, etc.)
Article 174 (Crime regarding Activities of Air Transportation Business Entity, etc.)
Article 175 (Crime regarding Certification for Operation, etc.)
Article 176 (Crime regarding Activities, etc. of International Air Transportation Business Entity of Foreign Nationality)
Article 177 (Crime regarding Activities of Air Transportation Business Entity, etc.)
Article 178 (Crime of Refusing Inspection, etc.)
Article 178-2 Deleted.
Article 179 (Joint Penalty Provisions)
Article 180 Deleted.
Article 181 (Special Cases in Application of Penalty Provisions)
Article 181-2 (Administrative Fines)
Article 182 (Administrative Fines)
Article 182-2 (Administrative Fines)
Article 183 (Administrative Fines)
Article 183-2 (Administrative Fines)
Article 183-3 (Administrative Fines)
Article 183-4 (Administrative Fines)
Article 184 (Procedures for Imposition and Collection of Administrative Fines)