Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Scope of Application)
Article 3 (Counterforce, etc.)
Article 4 (Assigning Fixed Date and Providing Lease Information, etc.)
Article 5 (Recovery of Security Deposit)
Article 6 (Order of Registration of Right to Lease)
Article 7 (Validity, etc. of Registration of Right to Lease under Civil Act)
Article 8 (Termination of Right to Lease by Auction)
Article 9 (Period of Lease, etc.)
Article 10 (Request, etc. for Contract Renewal)
Article 10-2 (Exception on Renewal of Contract)
Article 10-3 (Definitions, etc. of Premiums)
Article 10-4 (Protection of Opportunity of Collecting Premiums, etc.)
Article 10-5 (Exemption from Application of Premiums)
Article 10-6 (Preparation, etc. of Written Standard Premium Contracts)
Article 10-7 (Public Notification of Standards for Appraising Premiums)
Article 10-8 (Overdue Rents and Termination)
Article 11 (Right of Claim for Increase or Decrease of Rent, etc.)
Article 12 (Restriction on Calculation Rate when Converting into Monthly Rent)
Article 13 (Application, etc. to Sublease Relationship)
Article 14 (Protection of Certain Amount among Security Deposit)
Article 15 (Mandatory Provisions)
Article 16 (Lease for Temporary Use)
Article 17 (Application to Unregistered Lease on Deposit Basis Mutatis Mutandis)
Article 18 (Application to Trial of Small Claims Act Mutatis Mutandis)
Article 19 (Preparation, etc. of Written Standard Contracts)