Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Housing Rights)
Article 3 (Basic Principles for Housing Policies)
Article 4 (Relationships with other Acts)
Article 5 (Formulation of Comprehensive Housing Plans)
Article 6 (Formulation of City/Do Comprehensive Housing Plans)
Article 7 (Consultation on Housing Policies)
Article 8 (Housing Policy Deliberative Committee)
Article 9 (City/Do Housing Policy Deliberative Committee)
Article 10 (Construction, Supply, etc. of Housing)
Article 11 (Supply, etc. of Rental Housing)
Article 12 (Management of Multi-unit Housing)
Article 13 (Funds for Housing Policies)
Article 14 (Improvement, etc. of Residential Environment)
Article 15 (Subsidization for Housing Expenses)
Article 16 (Support for Housing-Disadvantaged Persons)
Article 17 (Establishment of Minimum Residential Standards)
Article 18 (Preferential Subsidization for Households below Minimum Residential Standards)
Article 19 (Establishment of Recommended Residential Standards)
Article 20 (survey on Residential Conditions)
Article 21 (Housing Welfare Delivery System)
Article 22 (Housing Welfare Centers)
Article 23 (Housing Welfare Information System)
Article 24 (Nurturing, etc. of Housing Welfare Experts)
Article 25 (Penal Provisions)