Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 1-2 (Requests for Submission of Data, etc.)
Article 1-3 (Units of Household)
Article 2 (Organization of Consultative Council)
Article 3 (Duties of Chairperson)
Article 4 (Subcommittees)
Article 5 (Meetings)
Article 6 (Hearing of Opinions, etc.)
Article 7 (Secretaries)
Article 8 (Working-Level Consultative Councils)
Article 9 (Detailed Regulations on Operation)
Article 10 (Application for Protection)
Article 11 (Notification of Application for Protection, etc.)
Article 12 (Details of Provisional Protective Measures, etc.)
Article 13 (Notification of Results of Provisional Protective Measures, etc.)
Article 14 (Scope of Persons Likely to Affect National Security to Considerable Extent)
Article 15 (Determination on Protection, etc.)
Article 16 (Criteria for Protection Decision)
Article 17 (Notification of Details of Treatment)
Article 18 (Re-application for Protection)
Article 19 (Negotiations for Entry into the Republic of Korea, etc.)
Article 20 (Establishment of Settlement Support Facilities)
Article 21 (Management and Operation of Settlement Support Facilities)
Article 22 (Transfer of Persons Eligible for Protection to other Settlement Support Facilities)
Article 23 (Issuance of Temporary Identification Cards)
Article 24 (Requests for Cooperation, etc.)
Article 25 (Provision of Protection Money or Goods, etc.)
Article 26 (Personal Identification Register)
Article 27 (Standards and Procedures for Accreditation of Academic Background)
Article 28 (Procedures for Accreditation of Qualifications)
Article 29 (Providing Supplementary Education, etc.)
Article 30 (Education for Social Adaptation, etc.)
Article 31
Article 32 (Application for Vocational Training, etc.)
Article 32-2 (Provision of Training Allowances)
Article 33 (Vocational Guidance)
Article 34 (Support for Promotion of Employment)
Article 34-2 (Provision of Employment Subsidies, etc.)
Article 34-3 (Preferential Purchase)
Article 35 (Employment Arrangement)
Article 35-2 (Restrictions on Employment Protection)
Article 35-3 (Restrictions on Payment of Employment Subsidies and Order for Return)
Article 35-4 (Support for Farming Settlement)
Article 36 (Special Appointment as Public Officials, etc.)
Article 37 (Special Appointment of Soldiers)
Article 37-2 (Methods and Procedures for Evaluating Central Administrative Agencies, etc.)
Article 38 (Accommodation Support)
Article 38-2 (Support for Utilization of Communal Living Facilities, etc.)
Article 39 (Standards for Providing Settlement Money)
Article 40 (Standards for Paying Due Compensation)
Article 40-2 (Persons Eligible for Support for Formation of Settlement Assets, Provision of Grants, etc.)
Article 41 (Fact-Finding Surveys, etc.)
Article 41-2 (Guidance for Living at Place of Residence)
Article 42 (Protection of Personal Safety at Place of Residence)
Article 42-2 (Establishment and Operation of Regional Consultative Council for Supporting Residents Escaping from North Korea)
Article 43 (Obligations to Report)
Article 44 (Support for Admission to Schools, etc.)
Article 45 (Persons Eligible for Educational Support)
Article 45-2 (Support to Schools, etc.)
Article 46 (Standards for Educational Support)
Article 47 (Procedures for Providing Educational Support)
Article 47-2 (Period for Education, etc. of Preparatory Schools)
Article 47-3 (Education Programs of Preparatory Schools)
Article 47-4 (Appointment of Teachers of Preparatory Schools, etc.)
Article 47-5 (Scope of Persons Eligible for Support for Insurance Premium Payment, and Scope of Support)
Article 47-6 (Support for Livelihood)
Article 48 (Grounds for Alteration of Protection)
Article 48-2 (Establishment, Organization, etc. of Foundation of Support for Residents Escaping from North Korea)
Article 48-3 (Operation of Foundation, etc.)
Article 48-4 (Direction and Supervision over Foundation, etc.)
Article 49 (Delegation of Authority)
Article 49-2 (Management of Personally Identifiable Information)
Article 50 (Application for Objection)
Article 51 (Re-Examination of Regulation)