Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Establishment, etc. of Schools)
Article 3 (School Charter)
Article 4 (School Regulations)
Article 4-2 (Procedures for Formulating General Plans, etc.)
Article 4-3 (Submission of Data on Enrollment Fees)
Article 4-4 (Disclosure of Meeting Minutes)
Article 4-5 (Details, etc. of Educational Statistic Surveys)
Article 4-6 (Procedure for, Disclosure of Result, etc. of Educational Statistic Surveys)
Article 4-7 (Designation of National Educational Statistic Center and Entrustment of Affairs Thereof)
Article 4-8 (Standards, Procedures, etc. for Appointing Instructors)
Article 5 (Qualifications for School Teachers)
Article 6 (Teaching Hours of Teachers, etc.)
Article 7 (Honorary Professors, etc.)
SECTION 1 General Provisions
Article 8 (Names of Schools)
Article 9 (Organization of School)
Article 9-2 (Requests for Materials from Board of Trustees)
Article 10 (Semesters)
Article 11 (Number of School Days)
Article 12 (Holidays)
Article 13 (Joint Operation of Courses by Domestic Universities and Foreign Universities)
Article 13-2 (Educational Courses Offered by Foreign Universities and Colleges at Korean Universities and Colleges)
Article 14 (Credit Hours)
Article 14-2 (Classes, etc.)
Article 15 (Scope of and Standards for Recognition of Credits)
Article 15-2 (Postponement of Acquisition of Bachelor's Degrees)
Article 16 (Authorization of Branch Schools)
Article 17 (Reporting Doctor’s Degrees Obtained Abroad)
Article 18 (Request for Data)
SECTION 2 Universities or Colleges and Industrial Colleges
Article 19 (Completion, etc. of Majors by Students)
Article 20 (Joint Operation of Degree Courses)
Article 21 Deleted.
Article 22 (Postgraduate Degree Courses)
Article 22-2 (Specialized Graduate School Related to Business, etc.)
Article 22-3 (Evaluation of Related Graduate Schools of Business, etc.)
Article 23 (Cooperative Courses)
Article 24 (Graduate School Committee)
Article 25 (Duration of Course, etc.)
Article 26 (Reduction of Duration of Courses)
Article 27 (Operating Principles of Maximum Student Number)
Article 28 (Maximum Student Number)
Article 29 (Admission and Transfer Admission, etc.)
Article 29-2 (Readmission)
Article 30 (Maximum Student Numbers for Graduate Schools)
Article 30-2 (Maximum Student Number for Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Courses related to Medical Science, Dentistry, and Oriental Medical Science)
Article 31 (Selection of Students)
Article 32 (Public Announcement of Basic Rules on Screening of Applicants for Admission to University or College, etc.)
Article 33 (Publication of Implementation Plans for Screening of Applicants for Admission to Universities or Colleges)
Article 34 (Classification of Admission Screening)
Article 35 (Data for Admission Screening)
Article 36 (Master Plan for Administration of College Scholastic Ability Tests)
Article 37 (Question Designers, etc.)
Article 38 (Application Fees, etc.)
Article 39 (Selection Method of Students at Industrial Colleges)
Article 39-2 (Selection of Students at Cyber Colleges)
Article 40 (Special Screening at Junior Colleges)
Article 41 (Schedules for Selection of Students)
Article 42 (Method of Application for Admission)
Article 42-2 (Disposition of Offenders of Application Methods for Admission)
Article 42-3 (Admission Fees)
Article 43 (Types of Degrees)
Article 44 (Presentation and Examination of Dissertations)
Article 45 (Examination Fees of Dissertations for Degrees)
Article 46 (Conferment of Degrees in Graduate School Courses)
Article 47 (Conferment of Honorary Doctor’s Degrees)
Article 48 (Conferment of Academic Degrees)
Article 49 Deleted.
Article 50 (Registration of Those who Have Completed Courses)
Article 51 (Public Announcement of Dissertations for Doctor's Degrees)
Article 52 (Cancellation of Conferment of Degrees)
Article 53 (Selection, etc. of Part-time Enrollees)
Article 53-2 (Education Commissioned by Corporations)
SECTION 3 Teachers’ Colleges, etc.
Article 54 (Establishment of Department of Education)
Article 55 (Establishment of Comprehensive Teachers' Training Colleges)
Article 56 (Establishment of Temporary Teachers' Training Institution)
Article 56-2 (Composition and Operation of the Development Committee for Teachers' Training Colleges)
SECTION 4 Junior Colleges
Article 57 (Duration of Courses at Junior Colleges)
Article 57-2 (Shortened Duration of Courses)
Article 58 (Establishment and Operation of Non-Degree Programs for Advanced Major Courses)
Article 58-2 (Authorization for Establishment of Bachelor's Degree Programs for Advanced Major Courses)
Article 58-3 (Degree Programs for Advanced Courses Available for Persons without Working Careers)
Article 58-4 (Operation of Degree Programs for Advanced Courses)
Article 58-5 (Designation, etc. of Departments for Training Medical Personnel)
Article 59 (Joint Operation of Curricula)
Article 60 (Types of Associate Degrees)
Article 61 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
SECTION 5 Cyber Colleges
Article 62 (Establishment of Courses at Cyber Colleges)
Article 63 (Class Operations)
Article 64 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
SECTION 6 Technical Colleges
Article 65 (Qualifications for Admission)
Article 66 (Selection Method of Students)
Article 67 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
SECTION 7 Various Kinds of Schools
Article 68 (Various Kinds of Schools)
Article 69 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
Article 70 (Recognition of Education)
Article 71 (Recognition of Qualifications for Graduates of Now-defunct Schools, etc.)
Article 71-2 (Standards for Administrative Disposition)
Article 72 (Closure of Schools)
Article 73 (Management of Personally Identifiable Information)
Article 74 (Re-Examination of Regulation)