Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 3 (Private Schools Which May not Be Established by Those Other than School Foundations)
Article 4 (Competent Agencies)
SECTION 1 Common Provisions
Article 5 (Assets)
Article 6 (Enterprise)
Article 7 (Address)
Article 8 (Registration of Establishment)
Article 8-2 (Reports on Property Transfer)
Article 9 (Legal Capacity of School Foundations)
SECTION 2 Establishment
Article 10 (Permission for Establishment)
Article 10-2 (Entry of Contributors in Articles of Association)
Article 11 (Supplement to Articles of Association)
Article 12 (Timing for Establishment)
Article 13 (Application Mutatis Mutandis of the Civil Act)
SECTION 3 Organization
Article 14 (Executive Officers)
Article 15 (Board of Directors)
Article 16 (Functions of Board of Directors)
Article 17 (Convocation of Board of Directors)
Article 18 (Quorum for Commencing Proceedings and Quorum for Passing Resolutions)
Article 18-2 (Preparation of Minutes and their Publication)
Article 19 (Duties of Executive Officers)
Article 20 (Appointment and Term of Office of Executive Officers)
Article 20-2 (Revocation of Approval of Executive Officer's Taking Office)
Article 20-3 (Suspension of Executive Officers From Performing Their Duties)
Article 21 (Restrictions on Appointment of Executive Officers)
Article 22 (Disqualifications of Executive Officers)
Article 23 (Prohibition from Concurrently Holding Office)
Article 24 (Filling Vacancies)
Article 24-2 (Establishment and Functions of Private School Dispute Mediation Committee)
Article 24-3 (Composition of Mediation Committee)
Article 24-4 (Qualifications of Members of Mediation Committee)
Article 25 (Appointment of Temporary Directors)
Article 25-2 (Dismissals of Temporary Directors)
Article 25-3 (Normalization of School Foundation for which Temporary Directors are Selected and Appointed)
Article 26 (Restrictions on Remuneration for Executive Officers)
Article 26-2 (University Deliberation Committee)
Article 27 (Application Mutatis Mutandis of Civil Act)
SECTION 4 Property and Accounting
Article 28 (Management and Protection of Property)
Article 29 (Keeping Separate Accounts)
Article 30 (Fiscal Year)
Article 31 (Submission of Budget and Settlement of Accounts)
Article 31-2 (Supervision of External Audit)
Article 32 (Preparation and Keeping of Property Inventory)
Article 32-2 (Accumulated Funds)
Article 32-3 (Establishment of Fund Operation Deliberative Committee)
Article 32-4 (Balance Carried Over)
Article 33 (Accounting Regulations)
SECTION 5 Dissolution and Merger
Article 34 (Grounds for Dissolution)
Article 35 (Reversion of Residual Property)
Article 35-2 (Special Cases concerning Dissolution and Reversion of Residual Property)
Article 36 (Merger Procedures)
Article 37 (Merger Procedure)
Article 38 (Merger Procedure)
Article 39 (Merger Procedure)
Article 40 (Effect of Merger)
Article 41 (Time of Merger)
Article 42 (Application Mutatis Mutandis of the Civil Act)
SECTION 6 Support and Supervision
Article 43 (Support)
Article 43-2 Deleted.
Article 44 (Preferential Support to Vocational Education)
Article 45 (Revision to Articles of Association)
Article 46 (Order of Suspension of Profit-Making Businesses)
Article 47 (Order of Dissolution)
Article 47-2 (Hearings)
Article 48 (Collection of Reports)
Article 49 Deleted.
Article 50 (Change of Organization into School Foundation)
Article 50-2 Deleted.
Article 51 (Provisions Applicable Mutatis Mutandis)
SECTION 1 Qualifications, Appointment, and Duties
Article 52 (Qualifications)
Article 53 (Appointment of Head of School)
Article 53-2 (Appointment of Teachers Other than Heads of Schools)
Article 53-3 (Measures against Cheaters)
Article 53-4 (Teachers' Personnel Committee)
Article 53-5 (New Appointment of Teachers of College Educational Institutions Other than Heads of Schools)
Article 54 (Reports on Appointment and Requests for Dismissal)
Article 54-2 (Requests for Dismissal)
Article 54-3 (Restrictions on Appointment)
Article 54-4 (Fixed-Term Teachers)
Article 54-5 (Restrictions on Voluntary Dismissal from Office)
Article 55 (Duties)
Article 55-2 (Equal Opportunity for Training)
Article 55-3 (Training at Training Institutions or Places Other than Workplace)
Article 55-4 (Research Experience)
SECTION 2 Status and Social Security
Article 56 (Prohibition of Temporary Leave and Dismissal from Office Contrary to One's Will)
Article 57 (Reasons for Retirement)
Article 58 (Reasons for Dismissal from Office)
Article 58-2 (Dismissal from Position)
Article 59 (Reasons for Temporary Leave)
Article 60 (Teacher's Privilege From Arrest)
Article 60-2 (Social Security)
Article 60-3 (Honorable Retirement)
SECTION 3 Disciplinary Punishment
Article 61 (Causes and Kinds of Disciplinary Punishment)
Article 62 (Establishment and Organization of Teachers' Disciplinary Committee)
Article 62-2 (Term of Office of External Committee Members)
Article 63 (Causes of Exclusion)
Article 64 (Requests for Disciplinary Decisions)
Article 64-2 (Notification of Reason for Request for Disciplinary Decision)
Article 65 (Fact-Finding and Stating Opinions)
Article 66 (Decisions on Disciplinary Action)
Article 66-2 (Requests for Review of Disciplinary Decisions)
Article 66-3 (Relationship with Investigations by Board of Audit and Inspection)
Article 66-4 (Prescription of Grounds for Disciplinary Actions)
Article 66-5 (Duty of Confidentiality)
Article 67 (Special Cases for Foreigners' School)
Articles 67-2 through 69 Deleted.
Article 70 (Report and Investigation)
Article 70-2 (Clerical Organization and Personnel)
Article 70-3 (Ipso Facto Retirement of Clerical Personnel)
Article 71 (Delegation of Authority)
Article 72 Deleted.
Article 72-2 (Legal Fiction as Public Official in Application of Penalty Provisions)
Article 73 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 73-2 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 74 (Administrative Fines)
Article 74-2 Deleted.