Article 1 (Purposes)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 2-2 (Application to Conduct Committed Overseas)
Article 3 (Duties to Provide Services)
Article 4 (Provision of Universal Service)
Article 4-2 (Telecommunications Relay Services for Persons with Disabilities)
SECTION 1 General Provisions
Article 5 (Classification of Telecommunications Business)
SECTION 2 Facilities-Based Telecommunications Business
Article 6 (Registration of Facilities-Based Telecommunications Business)
Article 7 (Grounds for Disqualification from Filing for Registration)
Article 8 (Limitations on Stock Holdings by Foreign Governments or Foreigners)
Article 9 (Grounds for Disqualification as Executive Officers)
Article 10 (Examinations of Public Benefits of Possession of Stocks by Facilities-Based Telecommunications Business Operators)
Article 11 (Organization and Operation of the Committee)
Article 12 (Restrictions on Excess Stock Holdings)
Article 13 (Charges for Compelling Compliance)
Article 14 (Issuance of Stocks)
Article 15 (Obligation to Commence Business)
Article 16 (Modification of Registered Matters)
Article 17 (Concurrent Engagement of Business)
Article 18 (Acquisition of Business and Merger of Corporations)
Article 19 (Suspension or Discontinuation of Business Operations)
Article 20 (Cancellation of Registration)
SECTION 3 Value-Added Telecommunications Business
Article 21 Deleted.
Article 22 (Reporting of Value-Added Telecommunications Business)
Article 22-2 (Grounds for Disqualifications for Registration)
Article 22-3 (Technical Measures of Special Value-Added Telecommunications Business Operators)
Article 22-4 (Value-Added Telecommunications Services Requiring Reporting on Fees)
Article 22-5 (Prohibition of Circulation of Illegal Photos by Value-Added Telecommunications Business Operators)
Article 23 (Modification to Registered or Reported Matters)
Article 24 (Transfer and Acquisition of Business)
Article 25 (Succession to Business)
Article 26 (Suspension and Discontinuation of Business Operations)
Article 27 (Cancellation of Business Registration and Order to Discontinue Business Operations)
Article 28 (Reporting on Terms and Conditions of Use)
Article 29 (Exemptions or Reduction in Fees)
Article 30 (Restrictions on Use by Third Parties)
Article 31 (Use of Transmission and Line Equipment)
Article 32 (Protection of Users)
Article 32-2 (Notification of Excess of Limits on Charges)
Article 32-3 (Restrictions on Provision of Telecommunications Services)
Article 32-4 (Prohibition against Unjust Use of Mobile Communications Terminals)
Article 32-5 (Establishment of Illegal Contracting Prevention System)
Article 32-6 (Provision of Services for Prevention of Illegal Use of Third Person's Name)
Article 32-7 (Blocking Media Products Harmful to Youth)
Article 32-8 (Call Forwarding Service)
Article 32-9 (Provision of Economic Benefits)
Article 33 (Compensation for Losses)
Article 34 (Promotion of Competition)
Article 34-2 (Fact-Finding Surveys on Value-Added Telecommunications Business)
Article 35 (Provision of Equipment)
Article 35-2 (Duties to Maintain Aerial Cables)
Article 36 (Joint Utilization of Subscriber Lines)
Article 37 (Joint Use of Radio Communications Facilities)
Article 38 (Wholesale Provision of Telecommunications Services)
Article 39 (Interconnection)
Article 40 (Prices of Interconnection)
Article 41 (Joint Use of Telecommunications Equipment)
Article 42 (Provision of Information)
Article 43 (Prohibition against Use of Information for Purposes Other Than Its Original Purpose)
Article 44 (Reporting on Agreements on Interconnection)
Article 45 (Ruling by the Korea Communications Commission)
Article 45-2 (Establishment and Organization of Communications Dispute Mediation Committee)
Article 45-3 (Status Guarantee of Members)
Article 45-4 (Disqualification of, Challenge to, and Refrainment by, Members)
Article 45-5 (Procedures for Mediating Disputes)
Article 45-6 (Rejection and Suspension of Dispute Mediation)
Article 45-7 (Effect of Dispute Mediation)
Article 45-8 (Termination of Mediation)
Article 46 (Referral of Disputes)
Article 47 (Requests for Appearance and Hearing of Opinions)
Article 48 (Management Plans for Telecommunications Number Resources)
Article 48-2 (Prohibition against Sale or Purchase of Telecommunication Numbers)
Article 49 (Settlement of Accounts)
Article 50 (Prohibited Acts)
Article 51 (Fact-Finding Investigations)
Article 52 (Measures against Prohibited Acts)
Article 52-2 (Charges for Compelling Compliance concerning Measures Related to Prohibited Acts)
Article 53 (Imposition of Penalty Surcharges for Prohibited Acts)
Article 54 (Relationship with Other Statutes)
Article 55 (Compensation for Losses)
Article 56 (Quality Improvement of Telecommunications Services)
Article 56-2 (Provision of Information on Telecommunications Services)
Article 57 (Pre-Selection Systems)
Article 58 (Telephone Number Portability)
Article 59 (Limitation on Mutual Holding of Stocks)
Article 60 (Provision of Number Information Services)
Article 60-2 (Blocking Use of Communications Terminal Devices Reported Missing)
Article 60-3 (Prohibition of Damage to Unique Identification Numbers)
SECTION 1 Commercial Telecommunications Equipment
Article 61 (Maintenance and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment)
Article 62 (Reporting on and Approval for Installation of Telecommunications Equipment)
Article 63 (Joint Installation of Telecommunications Equipment)
SECTION 2 Private Telecommunications Equipment
Article 64 (Installation of Private Telecommunications Equipment)
Article 65 (Restrictions on Use for Other Purposes)
Article 66 (Procurement of Communications in Cases of Emergency)
Article 67 (Corrective Orders Issued to Installers of Private Telecommunications Equipment)
SECTION 3 Joint Installation of Telecommunications Equipment
Article 68 (Installation of Conduits or Ducts)
Article 69 (Establishment of Building Telecommunications Cabling Systems for Premise Use)
Article 69-2 (Installation of Mobile Communication Equipment for Premise Use)
Articles 70 and 71 Deleted.
SECTION 4 Installation and Preservation of Telecommunications Equipment
Article 72 (Use of Land)
Article 73 (Temporary Use of Land)
Article 74 (Entry to Land)
Article 75 (Requests for Removal of Obstacles)
Article 76 (Obligation for Reinstatement)
Article 77 (Compensation for Losses)
Article 78 (Procedures for Compensation for Losses to Land)
Article 79 (Protection of Telecommunications Equipment)
Article 80 (Relocation of Equipment)
Article 81 (Cooperation with Other Organizations)
Article 82 (Inspection and Reporting)
Article 83 (Protection of Confidentiality of Communications)
Article 84 (Notification of Caller's Phone Number)
Article 84-2 (Prohibition against Using False Phone Numbers and Protection of Users)
Article 85 (Restrictions on, and Suspension of, Business)
Article 86 (Approval for International Telecommunications Services)
Article 87 (Cross-Border Provision of Facilities-Based Telecommunications Services)
Article 87-2 (Indication of Warning Labels)
Article 88 (Reporting on Statistics)
Article 89 (Hearings)
Article 90 (Imposing Penalty Surcharges)
Article 91 (Extension of Payment Deadlines for Penalty Surcharges and Payment in Installments)
Article 92 (Corrective Orders)
Article 93 (Delegation and Entrustment of Authority)
Article 93-2 (Legal Fiction as Public Officials in Application of Penalty Provisions)
Article 94 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 95 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 95-2 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 96 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 97 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 98 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 99 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 100 Deleted.
Article 101 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 102 (Attempted Crimes)
Article 103 (Joint Penalty Provisions)
Article 104 (Administrative Fines)