Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 3 (Responsibility of State and Local Governments)
Article 4 (Obligation of Mother, etc.)
Article 5 (Establishment and Coordination of Service Schedule)
Article 6 (Mother and Fatherless Child Health Council)
Article 7 (Establishment of Mother and Fatherless Child Health Organization)
Article 8 (Submission of Report, etc. by Pregnant or Nursing Woman)
Article 9 (Issuance of Mother and Fatherless Child Health Pocketbook)
Article 9-2 (Registration Cards for Premature Babies, etc.)
Article 10 (Health Care, etc. of Pregnant or Nursing Women and Infants)
Article 11 (Measures for Safe Delivery)
Article 12 (Distribution of Contraceptives and Contraception Services)
Article 13 (Persons Qualified for Medical Services Contraception)
Article 14 (Limited Permission of Induced Abortion Operation)
Article 15 Deleted.
Article 16 (Federation)
Articles 17 and 18 Deleted.
Article 19 Deleted.
Article 20 (Prohibition of Use of Same Title)
Article 21 (Assistance of Expenses)
Article 22 (Free Loan of State Property)
Article 23 (Collection of Expenses)
Article 24 (Prohibition of Divulgence of Secret)
Article 25 (Delegation of Authority)
Article 26 (Penal Provisions)
Article 27 (Fine for Negligence)
Article 28 (Exclusion of Application of Criminal Act)
Article 29 (Exclusion of Application of Medical Service Act)