Act On The Performance Of Duties By Police Officers
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Scope of Duties)
Article 3 (Police Questioning)
Article 4 (Protective Measures, etc.)
Article 5 (Prevention of Occurrence of Danger and Injury)
Article 6 (Prevention and Control of Crime)
Article 7 (Entry and Exit for Prevention of Danger)
Article 8 (Confirmation of Fact, etc.)
Article 9 (Lockup)
Article 10 (Use of Police Equipment, etc.)
Article 10-2 (Use of Police Outfit)
Article 10-3 (Use of Gas Sprayers, etc.)
Article 10-4 (Use of Weapon)
Article 11 (Maintenance of Use Records)
Article 12 (Penal Provisions)
Article 13 (Decree)