Enforcement Rule Of The Cosmetics Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Scope of Functional Cosmetics)
Article 3 (Registration, etc. of Manufacturing Business)
Article 4 (Registration, etc, of Manufacturing and Sales Business)
Article 5 (Registration of Changes in Manufacturing Business, etc.)
Article 6 (Standards for Facilities, etc.)
Article 7 (Standards for Quality Control of Cosmetics and other Related Matters)
Article 8 (Standards for Qualifications for Manufacture-Sales Manager, and other Related Matters)
Article 9 (Examination of Functional Cosmetics)
Article 10 (Functional Cosmetics, etc. Requiring the Submission of Report)
Article 11 (Matters to be Observed by Manufacturer-Sellers)
Article 12 (Matters to be Observed by Manufacturer, etc.)
Article 13 (Report of Production Result, etc. of Cosmetics)
Article 14 (Education to Operators of Manufacturing and Sales Business)
Article 14-2 (Standards for Cosmetics Subject to Recall)
Article 14-3 (Recall Plan, Recall Procedures, etc. of Hazardous Cosmetics)
Article 14-4 (Mitigation or Remission of Administrative Dispositions)
Article 15 (Report of Permanent Closure of Business)
Article 16 (Permission for Export, Import, etc. of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
Article 17 (Hazard Assessment of Raw Materials, etc. of Cosmetics)
Article 18 (Items Requiring Use of Safe Container and Packaging, and Standards therefor)
Article 19 (Marking, Labelling, etc. on Package of Cosmetics)
Article 20 (Marking of Price of Cosmetics)
Article 21 (Matters Requiring Attention in Marking and Labelling)
Article 22 (Scope, etc. of Labelling and Advertisements)
Article 23 (Subjects, etc. of Demonstration of Contents of Labelling and Advertisements)
Article 24 (Qualifications, etc. of Relevant Public Officials)
Article 25 (Collection, etc.)
Article 26 (Monitering of Sale of Cosmetics)
Article 27 (Orders, etc. to Recall or Dispose)
Article 28 (Publication of Hazardous Cosmetics)
Article 29 (Standards for Administrative Disposition)
Article 30 (Procedures for Collection of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 31 (Re-issuance, etc. of Registration Certificates, etc.)
Article 32 (Fees)
Article 33 (Re-examination of Restrictions)