Sciences Promotion Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 3 (Obligations of Government)
Article 4 (Formulation, etc. of Policies for Promotion of Sciences)
Article 5 (Promotion, etc. of Science Support Projects)
Article 6 (Selection, etc. of Persons Eligible to Receive Science Support)
Article 7 (Fostering Next Generation to Engage in Academic Activities)
Article 8 (Academic Exchanges and Cooperative Activities)
Article 9 (Fostering Activities of Academic Societies)
Article 10 (Expansion of Research Equipment, etc.)
Article 11 (Fostering Institutions Managing Academic Resources)
Article 12 (Establishment of Standard Academic Classification System)
Article 13 (Survey of Actual Status of Academic Activities)
Article 14 (Collection, etc. of Academic Information)
Article 15 (Ensuring Research Ethics)
Article 16 (Utilization of Academic Outcomes)
Article 17 (Use and Management of Project Funds)
Article 18 (Investigation into Project Funds)
Article 19 (Suspension of Payment, etc. of Project Funds)
Article 20 (Exclusion from Selection of Persons Eligible to Receive Science Support)
Article 20-2 (Imposition and Collection of Additional Monetary Sanction)
Article 21 (Raising Objections)
Article 22 (Prizes)
Article 23 (Administrative Fines)