Enforcement Decree Of The Trademark Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Classification of Marks)
Article 3 (Matters to be Included in Articles of Incorporation concerning Use of Collective Marks)
Article 4 (Matters to be Included in Documents, etc. Stipulating Matters concerning Use of Certification Marks)
Article 5 (Documents Proving Goods Correspond to Definition of Geographical Indication)
Article 6 (Hearing, etc. of Opinions on Applications for Registration of Certification Mark)
Article 7 (Hearing, etc. of Opinions of Local Governments concerning Application for Registration of Collective Mark with Geographical Indication)
Article 8 (Transfer of Application, etc. for Registration of Collective Mark)
Article 9 (Qualification of Examiners)
Article 10 (Criteria, etc for Designation of Specialized Institution)
Article 11 (Affairs, etc. of Specialized Institution)
Article 12 (Applications Eligible for Preferential Examination)
Article 13 (Application, etc. for Preferential Examination)
Article 14 (Matters concerning Officially Announced Registration Published in Trademark Official Gazette)
Article 15 (Transfer of Collective Mark Rights, etc.)
Article 16 (Qualification of Judges, etc.)
Article 17 (Documents to Be Submitted When Filing for International Trademark Registration of Collective Mark with Geographical Indication)
Article 18 (Service, etc. of Documents)
Article 19 (Trademark Official Gazette)
Article 20 (Processing of Personally Identifiable Information)
Article 21 (Criteria for Imposition of Administrative Fines)