School Facilities Projects Promotion Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 3 (Scope of Application)
Article 4 (Approval, etc. of Execution Plan for School Facilities Project)
Article 5 (Relation with other Acts)
Article 5-2 (Construction, etc. of School Facilities)
Article 6 (Consultation on Activities Conducted within School Facilities)
Article 7 (Priority Given to Construction of Public Facilities)
Article 8 (Entry to and Exit from Land, etc.)
Article 9 (Compensation for Losses)
Article 10 (Expropriation and Utilization)
Article 11 (Revocation, etc. of Approval of Execution Plan)
Article 11-2 (Hearing)
Article 12 (Supervision, etc.)
Article 13 (Completion Inspection, etc.)
Article 14 (Rearrangement of Graves, etc.)
Article 15 (Delegation of Authority)
Article 16 Deleted.