Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 3 (Scope of Application)
Article 4 (Basic Principles)
Article 4-2 (Obligations of the State)
Article 4-3 (Master Plans and Implementation Plans)
Article 5 (Criteria for Protection, etc.)
Article 6 (Consultative Council on Residents Escaping from North Korea)
Article 7 (Application for Protection, etc.)
Article 8 (Decision on Protection, etc.)
Article 9 (Criteria for Protection Decision)
Article 10 (Establishment of Settlement Support Facilities)
Article 11 (Protection, etc. at Settlement Support Facilities)
Article 12 (Personal Identification Registry)
Article 13 (Accreditation of Academic Background)
Article 14 (Accreditation of Qualifications)
Article 15 (Social Adaptation Education, etc.)
Article 15-2 (Designation of Local Adaptation Centers)
Article 16 (Vocational Training)
Article 17 (Protection, etc. of Employment)
Article 17-2 (Limit on Employment Protection)
Article 17-3 (Support for Farming Settlement)
Article 17-4 (Tax Benefits)
Article 18 (Special Appointments)
Article 18-2 (Reflection of Evaluation of Public Agencies)
Article 19 (Special Cases of Establishment of Family Relationship Registration)
Article 19-2 (Special Cases concerning Divorce)
Article 19-3 (Special Cases concerning Correction of Resident Registration Number)
Article 20 (Accommodation Support, etc.)
Article 21 (Provision of Settlement Money, etc.)
Article 21-2 (Support for Formation of Assets for Settlement)
Article 22 (Protection of Place of Residence)
Article 22-2 (Operation of Professional Counsellor Program)
Article 23 (Obligations to Report)
Article 24 (Educational Support)
Article 24-2 (Establishment of Preparatory Schools for Residents Escaping from North Korea)
Article 25 (Medical Care Assistance, etc.)
Article 26 (Livelihood Protection)
Article 26-2 (Special Cases concerning National Pension)
Article 26-3 (Support for Livelihood)
Article 26-4 (Lending, etc. of Money)
Article 27 (Alteration of Protection)
Article 28 (Obligations to Report, etc.) Deleted.
Article 29 (Bearing of Expenses)
Article 30 (Foundation of Support for Residents Escaping from North Korea)
Article 31 (Delegation or Entrustment of Authority)
Article 32 (Application for Objection)
Article 33 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 34 (Administrative Fines)