Framework Act On The Management Of Disasters And Safety
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Basic Concept)
Article 3 (Definitions)
Article 4 (Responsibilities of State, etc.)
Article 5 (Obligations of People)
Article 6 (General Control and Coordination of Affairs Related to Disaster and Safety Management)
Article 7 Deleted.
Article 8 (Relationship, etc. with Other Acts)
SECTION 1 Central Safety Management Committee, etc.
Article 9 (Central Safety Management Committee)
Article 9-2 Deleted.
Article 10 (Safety Policy Coordination Committee)
Article 10-2 (Prior Consultation, etc. on Budget for Disaster and Safety Management Projects)
Article 10-3 (Evaluation on Disaster and Safety Management Projects)
Article 11 (Local Committees)
Article 12 (Disaster Broadcasting Consultative Committee)
Article 12-2 (Private-Public Cooperative Safety Management Committee)
Article 12-3 (Functions, etc. of Central Private-Public Cooperative Committee)
Article 13 (Support for and Guidance of Local Committees, etc.)
SECTION 2 Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, etc.
Article 14 (Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, etc.)
Article 14-2 (Dispatch of Management Support Groups)
Article 15 (Authority, etc. of Head of Central Countermeasure Headquarters)
Article 15-2 (Central and Regional Disaster Management Headquarters)
Article 16 (Local Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters)
Article 17 (Authority, etc. of Head of Local Countermeasure Headquarters)
SECTION 3 Disaster and Safety Management Centers, etc.
Article 18 (Disaster and Safety Management Center)
Article 19 (Reporting, etc. on Disasters)
Article 20 (Reporting on Disaster Situation)
Article 21 (Reporting and Management of Overseas Disaster Situation)
Article 22 (Formulation, etc. of Master Plan for National Safety Management)
Article 23 (Implementation Plans)
Article 23-2 (Linkage with Master Plan for National Safety Management, etc.)
Article 24 (Formulation of City/Do Safety Management Plans)
Article 25 (Formulation of Si/Gun/Gu Safety Management Plans)
Article 25-2 (Disaster Preventive Measures, etc. by Heads of Disaster Management Agencies)
Article 25-3 Deleted.
Article 26 (Designation, etc. of National Infrastructure)
Article 26-2 (Management, etc. of National Infrastructure)
Article 27 (Designation, Management, etc. of Areas Subject to Special Management)
Article 28 (Support, etc. to Local Governments)
Article 29 (Management of Disaster Prevention Facilities)
Article 29-2 (Education of Persons Engaging in Field of Disaster and Safety)
Article 30 (Emergency Safety Inspections, etc. for Disaster Prevention)
Article 31 (Safety Measures for Disaster Prevention)
Article 32 (Government Joint Safety Inspections)
Article 32-2 (Judicial Police Power)
Article 33 (Request for Data, etc. to Specialized Safety Management Agencies)
Article 33-2 (Evaluation, etc. of Disaster Management Systems, etc.)
Article 33-3 (Public Announcement, etc. of Actual Status of Disaster Management)
Article 34 (Saving and Management of Disaster Management Resources)
Article 34-2 (Preparation of Means for Emergency Communication at Disaster Scenes)
Article 34-3 (Enactment, Application, etc. of National Disaster Management Standards)
Article 34-4 (Formulation and Utilization of Action Plans for Disaster Response by Function)
Article 34-5 (Preparation and Operation of Risk Management Manuals in Disaster Field)
Article 34-6 (Preparation and Management of Manuals for Crisis Situations of Multi-Use Facilities, etc. and Drills)
Article 34-7 (Registration of, Deliberation on, etc. Safety Standards)
Article 34-8 (Establishment and Operation of Disaster and Safety Communications Network)
Article 34-9 (Formulation of Master Plans for Disaster Preparedness Drills)
Article 35 (Implementation of Disaster Preparedness Drills)
SECTION 1 Emergency Measures, etc.
Article 36 (Declaration of State of Disaster)
Article 37 (Emergency Measures)
Article 38 (Issuance, etc. of Crisis Alerts)
Article 38-2 (Establishment, Operation, etc. of Disaster Forecast and Alert System)
Article 39 (Request, etc. for Mobilization)
Article 40 (Evacuation Orders)
Article 41 (Establishment of Danger Zones)
Article 42 (Compulsory Evacuation Measures)
Article 43 (Restriction, etc. on Passage)
Article 44 (Support)
Article 45 (Emergency Impositions)
Article 46 (Emergency Measures, etc. to be Taken by Mayors/Do Governors)
Article 47 (Emergency Measures by Heads of Disaster Management Agencies)
Article 48 (Emergency Measures, etc. by Heads of Local Control Groups)
SECTION 2 Emergency Rescue
Article 49 (Central Emergency Rescue Control Group)
Article 50 (Local Emergency Rescue Control Group)
Article 51 (Emergency Rescue)
Article 52 (On-Scene Command in Emergency Rescue)
Article 52-2 (Rapid Response Cooperation Officers)
Article 53 (Evaluation of Emergency Rescue Activities)
Article 54 (Development of Emergency Rescue Countermeasure Plans)
Article 54-2 (Integration and Linkage of Special Telephone Number Services Related to Emergency Rescue)
Article 55 (Reinforcement of Disaster Response Capacity)
Article 55-2 (Evaluation of Capabilities of Emergency Rescue and Relief Support Agencies)
Article 56 (Emergency Rescue on Ocean)
Article 57 (Emergency Rescue, etc. at Time of Distress Accidents of Aircraft, etc.)
SECTION 1 Damage Investigation and Restoration Plans
Article 58 (Reporting and Investigation on Disaster Damage)
Article 59 (Formulation and Implementation of Disaster Restoration Plans)
Article 59-2 (Management of Projects Implemented in Accordance with Disaster Restoration Plans)
SECTION 2 Declaration of and Support for Special Disaster Areas
Article 60 (Declaration of Special Disaster Areas)
Article 61 (Support for Special Disaster Areas)
Article 61-2 Deleted.
SECTION 3 Finance, Compensation, etc.
Article 62 (Principles of Allocation of Expenses)
Article 63 (Expenses for Emergency Support)
Article 64 (Compensation for Losses)
Article 65 (Medical Treatment and Compensation)
Article 65-2 (Rewards)
Article 66 (Support to Disaster Areas, including Subsidies from National Treasury)
Article 66-2 (Advance Payment of Restoration Expenses, etc.)
Article 66-3 (Return of Restoration Expenses, etc.)
Article 66-4 (Implementation of Policies for Promotion of Safety Culture)
Articles 66-5 and 66-6 Deleted.
Article 66-7 (National Safety Day, etc.)
Article 66-8 (Safety Management Charter)
Article 66-9 (Construction and Utilization of Safety Information Systems)
Article 66-10 (Public Announcement of Safety Index)
Article 66-11 (Measures for Safety Management when Holding Regional Festivals)
Article 66-12 (Designation and Support to Safety Project Districts)
Article 66-13 (Grant of Special Subsidy Tax for Disaster and Safety Management)
Article 67 (Accumulation of Disaster Management Funds)
Article 68 (Operation, etc. of Disaster Management Funds)
Article 69 (Investigation of Causes of Disasters)
Article 70 (Keeping Disaster Records and Management thereof)
Article 71 (Promotion of Science and Technology Necessary for Disaster and Safety Management, etc.)
Article 71-2 (Formulation, etc. of Comprehensive Plans for Development of Technology for Disaster and Safety Management)
Article 72 (Support for Commercialization of Research and Development Project Outcomes)
Article 72-2 Moved to Article 73.
Article 73 (Collection and Use of Royalties)
Article 73-2 (Support, etc. for Commercialization of Disaster Safety Technologies)
Article 73-3 (Revocation of Designation of Specialized Institutions)
Article 73-4 (Certification of Disaster Safety Products)
Article 74 (Construction and Operation of Information and Communications Systems for Disaster Management)
Article 74-2 (Sharing of Disaster Management Information)
Article 75 (Organization and Operation of Safety Management Advisory Group)
Article 76 (Purchase, etc. of Disaster-Related Insurances, etc.)
Article 76-2 (Chief Safety Officers)
Article 77 (Request for Disciplinary Action, etc. against Violation of Duties of Disaster Management)
Article 78 (Delegation and Entrustment of Authority)
Article 78-2 (Legal Fiction as Public Official in application of Penalty Provisions)
Article 78-3 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 79 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 80 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 81 (Joint Penalty Provisions)
Article 82 (Administrative Fines)