School Health Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions)
Article 2-2 (Duties of State and Local Governments)
Article 3 (Health Facilities)
Article 4 (Environmental Sanitation and Food Sanitation in School)
Article 4-2 (Special cases concerning Maintenance and Management of Air Quality)
Article 4-3 (Construction of Air Purification Installations)
Article 5 (Preparation of Air Pollution Response Manual)
Articles 6 through 6-3 Deleted.
Article 7 (Health Examinations)
Article 7-2 (Formulation and Implementation of Health Promotion Plans for Students)
Article 7-3 (Health Examination Records)
Article 8 (Suspension from School)
Article 9 (Health Care for Students)
Article 9-2 (Health Education)
Article 10 (Inspection of Completion of Vaccination)
Article 11 (Treatment and Preventive Measures)
Article 12 (Control of Safety of Students)
Article 13 (Health Care for Teachers and Staff)
Article 14 (Prevention of Diseases)
Article 14-2 (Vaccinations against Infectious Diseases)
Article 14-3 (Formulation of Plan for Prevention of Infectious Diseases)
Article 14-4 (Preparation of Infectious Disease Response Manual)
Article 15 (School Physician, School Pharmacist, and Health Teacher)
Article 15-2 (First Aid)
Article 16 (Establishment of Health Organizations)
Article 17 (School Health Committee)
Article 18 (Subsidizing Expenses)
Article 18-2 (Prohibition against Divulging Confidential Information)
Article 19 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 20 Deleted.