Higher Education Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Types of Schools)
Article 3 (Classification of National, Public and Private Schools)
Article 4 (Establishment, etc. of Schools)
Article 5 (Guidance and Supervision)
Article 6 (School Regulations)
Article 7 (Educational Finance)
Article 8 (Payment of Experiment and Practice Expenses, etc.)
Article 9 (Support for Mutual Cooperation among Schools)
Article 10 (School Consultative Body)
Article 11 (Enrollment Fees and Enrollment Fee Deliberation Committee)
Article 11-2 (Evaluation, etc.)
Article 11-3 (Educational Statistics Surveys, etc.)
SECTION 1 Students
Article 12 (Students's Autonomous Activities)
Article 13 (Discipline of Students)
SECTION 2 School Personnel
Article 14 (Classification of School Personnel)
Article 14-2 (Instructors)
Article 15 (Functions of School Personnel)
Article 16 (Qualification Standards, etc. for School Teachers and Assistant Instructors)
Article 17 (Part-Time Teachers, etc.)
SECTION 1 Common Provisions
Article 18 (Names of Schools)
Article 19 (Organization of Schools)
Article 19-2 (Establishment, etc. of University Senates)
Article 20 (School Year, etc.)
Article 21 (Operation of Curriculum)
Article 22 (Classes, etc.)
Article 23 (Recognition, etc. of Credits)
Article 23-2 (Transfer Admission)
Article 23-3 (Concurrent Support for School and Family)
Article 23-4 (Leave of Absence from School)
Article 23-5 (Postponement of Acquisition of Bachelor's Degree)
Article 24 (Branch Schools)
Article 25 (Research Facilities, etc.)
Article 26 (Extension Courses)
Article 27 (Reporting, etc. Doctor’s Degrees Obtained Overseas)
SECTION 2 Universities, Colleges and Industrial Colleges
Subsection 1 Universities and Colleges
Article 28 (Purpose)
Article 29 (Graduate Schools)
Article 29-2 (Types of Graduate Schools)
Article 29-3 (Combination of Degree Courses)
Article 30 (Graduate School Universities or Colleges)
Article 31 (Term of School Years)
Article 32 (Maximum Student Number)
Article 33 (Admission Qualifications)
Article 34 (Methods for Selecting Students, etc.)
Article 34-2 (Admissions Officers, etc.)
Article 34-3 (Restriction on Admissions Officer Related to Employment in New Job)
Article 34-4 (Admission Fees)
Article 34-5 (Public Announcement of Plans for Selection of Applicants for Admission to University or College)
Article 35 (Conferment of Degrees)
Article 36 (Part-Time Enrollment)
Subsection 2 Industrial Colleges
Article 37 (Purpose)
Article 38 (Term of School Years, etc.)
Article 39 Deleted.
Article 40 (Education Commissioned by or to Enterprises)
Article 40-2 (Special Cases concerning Establishment of University or College after Closing Industrial College)
SECTION 3 Teachers' Colleges, etc.
Article 41 (Purpose)
Article 42 (Establishment of and Term of School Years for Teachers' Colleges)
Article 43 (Comprehensive Teachers' Training Colleges)
Article 44 (Objectives)
Article 45 (Affiliated Schools)
Article 46 (Temporary Teacher Training Institutions, etc.)
SECTION 4 Junior Colleges
Article 47 (Purpose)
Article 48 (Term of School Years)
Article 49 (Advanced Major Courses)
Article 50 (Conferment of Degrees)
Article 50-2 (Conferment of Degrees on Advanced Major Courses)
Article 50-3 (Special Cases concerning Duration of Courses and Degree of Courses for Training Medical Personnel)
Article 51 (Transfer Admission)
Article 51-2 (Establishment of Affiliated Kindergartens)
SECTION 5 Cyber Colleges
Article 52 (Purpose)
Article 53 (Content and Duration of Courses at Cyber Colleges)
Article 54 (Conferment of Degrees)
SECTION 6 Technical Colleges
Article 55 (Purpose)
Article 56 (Courses and Term of School Years for Technical Colleges)
Article 57 (Admission Qualifications, etc.)
Article 58 (Conferment of Degrees)
SECTION 7 Various Kinds of Schools
Article 59 (Various Kinds of Schools)
Article 60 (Correction or Modification Order, etc.)
Article 61 (Order to Temporarily or Permanently Close Schools)
Article 62 (Closure of Schools, etc.)
Article 63 (Hearings)
Article 64 (Penalty Provisions)
Article 64-2 (Legal Fiction as Public Official in Applying Penalty Provisions)