Enforcement Decree Of The Elementary And Secondary Education Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Establishment Standards for Schools)
Article 3 (Application for Authorization on Establishment of Private Schools)
Article 4 (Application for Authorization on Closure of Private Schools)
Article 5 (Application for Authorization on Modification of Authorized Matters of Private Schools)
Article 6 Deleted.
Article 7 (Annex School)
Article 8 (Guidance for Encouragement of Learning)
Article 9 (Matters to Be Specified in School Regulations)
Article 10 (Assessment of Students)
Article 11 (Classification of Institutions to Be Assessed)
Article 12 (Standards for Assessment)
Article 13 (Procedures and Disclosure of Assessment)
Article 13-2 (Matters to Be Examined through Educational Statistics Surveys)
Article 13-3 (Procedures for Educational Statistics Surveys and Disclosure of Result Thereof)
Article 13-4 (Designation of National Educational Statistics Center and Entrustment of Affairs)
Article 14 (Consultation of Entrustment)
Article 15 (Making List of Schoolchildren)
Article 16 (Notification of Admission Date)
Article 17 (Notice of School Enrollment)
Article 18 (Change of Schools to Enter)
Article 19 (Admission and Transfer of Students Returning from Overseas and Multicultural Students)
Article 20 Deleted.
Article 21 (Procedures for Change of Schools at Elementary Schools)
Article 22 Deleted.
Articles 23 and 24 Deleted.
Article 25 (Urging, Warning, and Notification of School Enrollment by Heads of Elementary Schools and Middle Schools)
Article 25-2 (Establishment of Compulsory Education Management Committee)
Article 26 (Urging and Warning for School Enrollment and Reporting by Head of Eup/Myeon/Dong and Heads of District Offices of Education)
Article 27 (Measures for Encouragement of School Enrollment)
Article 27-2 (Establishment of Organization Exclusive for Management of School Enrollment)
Article 28 (Exemption or Postponement of Obligation of School Enrollment)
Article 28-2 (Administrative Data Matching)
Article 29 (School Register Management for Persons Granted Postponement)
SECTION 1 Students
Article 30 (Guarantee of Students' Self-Governing Activities)
Article 31 (Discipline of Students)
Article 31-2 (Application for Reexamination by Person Expelled from School)
Article 31-3 (Organization of Discipline Mediation Committees)
Article 31-4 (Operation of Discipline Mediation Committee)
SECTION 2 Teachers and Staff
Article 32 Deleted.
Articles 33 through 36 Deleted.
Article 36-2 (Non-Assignment of Assistant Principals)
Articles 36-3 and 36-4 Deleted.
Article 36-5 (Teachers in Charge of Classes)
Articles 37 through 39 Deleted.
Article 40 (Teachers of Special Schools)
Article 40-2 (Standards for Allocating Specialized Itinerant Counselors)
Article 40-3 Deleted.
Article 41 (Qualifications for Teachers)
Article 42 (Industrial-Educational Teachers)
SECTION 1 General Provisions
Article 43 (Subjects)
Article 44 (Semesters)
Article 45 (Number of School Days)
Article 46 (Organization of Classes)
Article 47 (School Holidays)
Article 48 (Methods of Operating Lessons)
Article 48-2 (Methods of Operating Lessons during Free Learning Semesters)
Article 49 (Lesson Time)
Article 49-2 (Administrative Data Matching for Preparation of School Records)
Article 50 (Completion and Graduation)
Article 51 (Number of Classes and Number of Students)
Article 52 (Student Allocation Plans)
Article 53 (Early Promotion and Early Graduation)
Article 54 (Education and Policies for Students with Learning Disabilities)
Article 55 (Use of Textbooks)
Article 56 (Integrated Operation of Schools)
Article 57 (Branch of School)
Article 57-2 (Safety Measures for Students)
SECTION 2 School Governance Committees
Article 58 (Composition of National and Public School Governance Committees)
Article 59 (Election of Members)
Article 59-2 (Convocation of Meetings)
Article 59-3 (Preparation of Minutes and Publications Thereof)
Article 59-4 (Gathering of Opinions)
Article 59-5 (Exclusion of Members)
Article 60 (Implementation of Results of Deliberation)
Article 60-2 (Subcommittees)
Article 61 (Corrective Order)
Article 62 (Delegation to Municipal Ordinances)
Article 63 (Governance Committees of Private Schools)
Article 64 (School Development Fund)
SECTION 3 Deleted
Article 65 Deleted.
SECTION 4 Middle Schools
Article 66 (Permission for Admission to Middle Schools)
Article 67 (Timing for Admission to Middle Schools)
Article 68 (Methods for Admission to Middle Schools)
Article 69 (Methods for Admission by Student Athletes)
Article 70 (Committees for Management of Middle School Admission Sortition)
Article 71 (Submission of Allocation Forms for Middle Schools)
Article 72 Deleted.
Article 72-2 (Application Fees)
Article 73 (Transfer to Middle Schools)
Article 74 (Transfer Admission)
Article 75 (Admission, Transfer, and Transfer Admission of Students Returning from Overseas and Multicultural Students)
Article 75-2 (Establishment and Operation of Air and Correspondence Middle Schools)
Article 76 (Specialized Middle Schools)
Article 76-2 (Designation and Governance Committee for Specialized Middle Schools)
SECTION 5 High Schools
Article 76-3 (Classification of High Schools)
Article 77 (Administrator of Admission Process for High Schools)
Article 78 (Formulation and Public Announcement of Master Plan for Admission Process)
Article 79 (Committee for High School Admission Process)
Article 80 (Classification of Selection Time)
Article 81 (Applications for Admission Process)
Article 81-2 (Special Cases on Registration of Students)
Article 82 (Methods of Admission Process)
Article 82-2 (Special Cases on Admission Process for North Korean Refugees)
Article 83 (Method of Selection Examination)
Article 84 (Methods of Selecting and Assigning New Students of Second Group of Schools)
Article 85 (Application for Second Group of Schools by Applicants for First Group of Schools)
Article 86 (Additional Selection and Assignment)
Article 87 (Assignment of Student Athletes)
Article 88 (Application Fees)
Article 88-2 Deleted.
Article 89 (Transfer to High Schools)
Article 89-2 (Admission, Transfer, and Transfer Admission of Returning Students)
Article 90 (Special-Purpose High Schools)
Article 90-2 (Designation and Governance Committees of Special-Purpose High Schools)
Article 91 (Specialized High Schools)
Article 91-2 (Designation and Governance Committees of Specialized High Schools)
Article 91-3 (Autonomous Private High Schools)
Article 91-4 (Autonomous Public High Schools)
Article 92 (Application Mutatis Mutandis)
Article 92-2 (Management of Enrollment of High School Students)
Article 93 (Establishment of Part-Time and Correspondence Systems)
Article 94 (Establishment of Air and Correspondence High Schools)
Article 95 Deleted.
SECTION 1 Acknowledgement of Academic Background
Article 96 (Acknowledgement of Academic Background Equivalent to Elementary School Graduates)
Article 97 (Acknowledgement of Academic Background Equivalent to Middle School Graduates)
Article 98 (Acknowledgement of Academic Background Equivalent to High School Graduates)
Article 98-2 (Establishment and Operation of Academic Background Deliberative Committee)
Article 98-3 (Schools That May Acknowledge Academic Background and Determine Academic Year)
Article 98-4 (Grade Decision and Admission to High Schools)
SECTION 2 Acknowledgement of Qualifications
Article 99 (Acknowledgement of Qualifications Equivalent to Elementary School Graduates)
Article 100 (Acknowledgement of Qualifications Equivalent to Those Who Have Completed Second-Year Course of Middle Schools)
Article 101 (Acknowledgement of Qualifications Equivalent to Middle School Graduates)
Article 102 (Acknowledgement of Qualifications Equivalent to Those Who Have Completed First-Year Course of High Schools)
Article 103 (Acknowledgement of Qualifications Equivalent to High School Graduates)
Article 104 (Recognition of Qualifications Equivalent to Former Normal School Graduates)
Article 104-2 (Students Eligible for Assistance with Educational Expenses and Standards for Such Assistance)
Article 104-3 (Notification of Decision on Assistance with Educational Expenses and Provision of Details of Support)
Article 104-4 (Scope of Members of Household and Financial Information, etc.)
Article 104-5 (Requests for, and Provision of, Financial Information, etc.)
Article 104-6 (Requests for Provision of Data and Renewal Thereof)
Article 104-7 (Notification of Collection of Expenses)
Article 105 (Special Cases on Operation of Schools and Curricula)
Article 105-2 (Qualifications for Principals Selected through Open Recruitment Procedures)
Article 105-3 (Committee for Designation of Special-Purpose High Schools)
Article 105-4 (Designation and Governance Committee of Autonomous Schools)
Article 105-5 (Normalization of School Operation of Autonomous Private High Schools)
Article 105-6 Deleted.
Article 105-7 (Hearings)
Article 106 (Closure of Schools)
Article 106-2 (Delegation of Authority and Entrustment of Duties)
Article 106-3 (Management of Sensitive Information and Personally Identifiable Information)
Article 106-4 (Re-Examination of Regulation)
Article 107 (Criteria for Imposition of Administrative Fines)