Enforcement Decree Of The Game Industry Promotion Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 1-2 (Speculative Game Products)
Article 2 (Extent of Provision of Game Products Excluded from Game Providing Business, etc.)
Article 3 (Comprehensive Plan for Promotion of Game Industry)
Article 4 (Extent of and Procedures for Support for Establishment of Business and Development of High Quality Game Wares, etc.)
Article 5 (Training for Professionals)
Article 6 (Promotion of Standardization)
Article 7 (Education of Game Products related Business Entities)
Article 7-2 (Fact-Finding Survey)
Article 8 (Creating Foundation for Game Culture)
Article 8-2 (Prevention, etc. of Excessive Game Immersion)
Article 8-3 (Preventive Measures, etc. against Excessive Immersion in and Addiction to Games)
Article 8-4 (Methods and Procedures for Evaluation)
Article 9 (Protection of Intellectual Property Rights)
Article 10 Deleted.
Article 11 (Recommendation of Members of Game Rating and Administration Committee)
Article 11-2 (Post Management Business of Secretariat)
Article 11-3 (Game Products with No Rating)
Article 11-4 (Game Products for Testing)
Article 12 (Technological Deliberation on Game Products)
Article 13 [Previous Article 13 moved to Article 11-3]
Article 14 (Notification to Heads of Administrative Agencies)
Article 14-2 (Requirements for Designation of Rating Classification Agency)
Article 14-3 (Evaluation of Propriety of Rating Classification Agency)
Article 15 (Cases of Producing Game Products Excluded from Registration)
Article 15-2 (Permission to Engage in General Game Providing Business)
Article 16 (Business Hours and Restrictions on Hours for Admitting Juveniles)
Article 16-2 (Types of Free Gifts)
Article 17 (Matters to be Observed by Game Products related Business Entities)
Article 18 (Succession to Business)
Article 18-2 (Post Management)
Article 18-3 (Game Money)
Article 19 (Method of Indicating Trade Name, etc. on Game Products)
Article 20 (Restrictions on Advertisement or Publicity)
Article 21 (Penalty Surcharge)
Article 22 (Exception to Notice in Writing)
Article 22-2 (Rewards)
Article 23 (Entrustment, etc. of Authority)
Article 23-2 (Processing of Personally Identifiable Information)
Article 24 (Standards for Imposition of Administrative Fines)
Article 25 (Re-Examination of Regulation)