Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Public Health Services of Nurses)
Article 2-2 (Matters to Be Displayed on Name Tags)
Article 3 (Scope of National Examination)
Article 4 (Administration and Public Announcement of National Examinations)
Article 5 (National Examination Subjects)
Article 6 (Examination Commissioners)
Article 7 (Applications for and Announcement of Successful Applicant for National Examinations)
Article 8 (Issuance of License Certificates)
Article 9 (Request for Cooperation with Relevant Institutions)
Article 9-2 (Restriction on Taking National Examinations)
Article 10 (Conditions of License)
Article 10-2 (Scope of Vicarious Recipients)
Article 10-3 (Reading Records on Patients)
Article 10-4 (Entrustment of Business to Establish and Operate Medical Record Transmission Support System)
Article 10-5 (Measures to Ensure Safety of Information Retained in Medical Record Transmission Support System)
Article 10-6 (Standardization of Electronic Medical Records)
Article 10-7 (Certification of Electronic Medical Record System)
Article 10-8 (Labeling Certification of Electronic Medical Record Systems)
Article 10-9 (Types of Medical Treatment Information Breach Incidents)
Article 10-10 (Measures for Preventing and Responding to Medical Treatment Information Breach Incidents)
Article 10-11 (Explanation about Medical Practices)
Article 11 (Reporting)
Article 11-2 (Establishment of Ethics Committee)
Article 11-3 (Operation of Ethics Committee)
Article 11-4 (Exclusion of Members of Ethics Committee)
Article 12 (Applications for Permission to Establish Central Association)
Article 13 (Matters to Be Entered in Articles of Incorporation)
Article 14 (Applications for Permission to Modify Articles of Incorporation)
Article 15 (Branches of Central Association)
Article 16 (Permission to Modify Articles of Incorporation to Establish Medical Corporations)
Article 17 Deleted.
Article 17-2 (Measures to Be Taken upon Closure or Suspension of Business)
Article 18 Deleted.
Article 19 (Application for Permission to Establish Medical Corporations)
Article 20 (Mission of Medical Corporations)
Article 21 (Application for Permission to Dispose of Property or Modify Articles of Incorporation)
Article 22 (Medical Information System Projects)
Article 22-2 (Operation of National Academy of Medicine of Korea)
Article 23 (Standards for Prohibition of Medical Service Advertisement)
Article 24 (Deliberation on Medical Services Advertisement)
Articles 25 through 28-2 Deleted.
Article 29 (Entrustment of Accreditation of Medical Institutions)
Article 30 (Composition of Medical Institution Accreditation Commission)
Article 31 (Term of Office of Commission Members)
Article 31-2 (Dismissal from Office of Members of Accreditation Commission)
Article 31-3 (Operation of Accreditation Commission)
Article 31-4 (Administrative Secretary)
Article 31-5 (Allowances)
Article 31-6 (Entrustment of Operation of Vocational Training Centers for Nursing Workforce)
Article 31-7 (Publication of Offense and Corrective Advertisement)
Article 32 (Scope of Acts of Degrading Medical Personnel's Dignity)
Article 33 (Request of Central Association for Suspension of Qualification)
Articles 34 through 39 Deleted.
Article 40 (Entrustment of Affairs Related to Evaluation for Designation of Education and Training Centers for Assistant Nurses)
Article 41 (Grounds for Revocation of Designation of Education and Training Center for Assistant Nurses)
Article 42 (Entrustment of Business)
Article 42-2 (Management of Sensitive Information and Personally Identifiable Information)
Article 43 (Calculation Basis of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 44 (Procedure for Imposition and Collection of Penalty Surcharges)
Article 44-2 (Re-Examination of Regulation)
Article 45 (Imposition and Collection of Administrative Fines)