Housing Lease Protection Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Scope of Application)
Article 3 (Opposing Power, etc.)
Article 3-2 (Recovery of Deposits)
Article 3-3 (Leasehold Registration Orders)
Article 3-4 (Validity, etc. of House Lease Registration Pursuant to Civil Act)
Article 3-5 (Extinction of Lease by Auction)
Article 3-6 (Grant of Fixed Date, Provision of Lease Information, etc.)
Article 4 (Term of Lease)
Article 5 Deleted.
Article 6 (Renewal of Contract)
Article 6-2 (Termination of Contracts in Cases of Implied Renewal)
Article 6-3 (Request for Renewal of Contract, etc.)
Article 7 (Requests for Increase or Decrease of Rents)
Article 7-2 (Limits on Computation Rates in Cases of Conversion into Monthly Rents)
Article 8 (Protection of Specified Amount of Deposit)
Article 8-2 (Housing Lease Committee)
Article 9 (Succession to Right of Lease of House)
Article 10 (Mandatory Provisions)
Article 10-2 (Claims for Return of Excess Rents, etc.)
Article 11 (Lease for Temporary Use)
Article 12 (Application Mutatis Mutandis to Unregistered Lease of House on Deposit Basis)
Article 13 (Application Mutatis Mutandis of the Trial of Small Claims Act)
Article 14 (Housing Lease Dispute Conciliation Committees)
Article 15 (Budgetary Support)
Article 16 (Composition and Operation of Mediation Committee)
Article 17 (Composition and Operation of Conciliation Divisions)
Article 18 (Grounds for Disqualification as Conciliators)
Article 19 (Guarantee of Status of Conciliators)
Article 20 (Exclusion, etc. of Conciliators)
Article 21 (Applications for Conciliation, etc.)
Article 22 (Conciliation Process)
Article 23 (Processing Period)
Article 24 (Inspections, etc.)
Article 25 (Decision without Conciliation)
Article 26 (Completion of Conciliation)
Article 27 (Grant of Executive Power)
Article 28 (Duty to Maintain Confidentiality)
Article 29 (Application Mutatis Mutandis of Other Statutes)
Article 30 (Use of Standard Housing Lease Contract)
Article 31 (Legal Fiction as Public Official for Purposes of Applying Penalty Provisions)