Cannabis Control Act
Article 1 (Purpose)
Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)
Article 3 (Prohibition of Unlicensed Handling)
Article 4 (Prohibition of Acts)
Article 5 (License for Cannabis Handler)
Article 6 (Delivery, etc. of License)
Article 7 (Report by Cannabis Cultivators)
Article 8 (Report by Cannabis Researchers)
Article 9 (Disposal, etc. of Cannabis)
Article 10 (Report on Accidents)
Article 11 (Report on Discontinuance)
Article 12 (Disposal of Cannabis by Disqualified Cannabis Handler, etc.)
Article 12-2 (Report on Cannabis Addicts)
Article 12-3 (Treatment and Protection of Cannabis Addicts)
Article 13 (Inspection and Sampling)
Article 14 (Cancellation, etc. of License)
Article 14-2 (Hearing)
Article 15 (Cannabis Inspectors)
Article 15-2 (Honorary Cannabis Advisor)
Article 16 (Reward)
Article 17 (Fee)
Article 18 (Penal Provisions)
Article 19 (Penal Provisions)
Article 20 (Penal Provisions)
Article 21 (Penal Provisions)
Article 22 (Habitual Criminals)
Article 23 (Confiscation)
Article 24 (Joint Penal Provisions)
Article 25 (Enforcement Decree)