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Title [NAL-KLRI Joint International conference] The Challenges of Legislation and Legal Translation in the Digital Age
Date 2019-07-12 Name admin
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NAL-KLRI Joint International conference
The Challenges of Legislation and Legal Translation in the Digital Age
- Jul. 19, 2019 (Fri.) 13:30-18:10 pm
- Meeting Room 1, Assembly Members' Office Building

Opening Session
Opening Remark : Heo, Yongbum NAL Chief Librarian
Welcome Remark : Rhee, Ik Hyeon KLRI President
Congratulatory Remark : Moon, Hee-Sang National Assembly Speaker
Session1 Another Approach for Improving Legislation
Moderator : Jung, Myeong Un KLRI Director-General, Planning and Coordination Department
Subject1 The Role of the Council Lawyer – Linguists in Improving the Formal Quality of EU Legislation
Presentation : Manuela Guggeis Head of Legal Service Unit, the Council of the European Union
Subject2 Codification and Translation
Presentation : Elisabeth CATTA Director of the Commission Superieure de Codification of France
Subject3 Ensuring Linguistic Accuracy and Clarity
Presentation : Sibylle Hallik Head of the Redaktionsstab der Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache
Ryu, Jun-Mo Director of Plain Law Division, the Ministry of Government Legislation
Jung, Kwan Seon NAL Legal Information Researcher
Kang, Hyeon-Chul KLRI Senior Principal Research Fellow
Session2 Issues for Korea Legislation and Legal Translation in the Digital Age
Moderator : Yang, Sung-Ja Director of the NAL Law Library Coordination Division
Subject4 Relations Between Legislative Procedures and Quality of Legal Translation
Presentation : Kim, Jung-Im NAL Legal Information Researcher
Subject5 Improving Readability of Laws
Presentation : Koo, Myung-Chul Professor, Dept. of German Language and Literature, Seoul National University
Subject6 Korean Statutes from the Perspective of Legal Translation
Presentation : Kim, Hyun-Hee KLRI Senior Researcher
Lee, Gook-Un Professor, School of Law, Handong University
Kim, Myung-Su NAL Legal Information Researcher
Lee, Ji-Eun Vice Chairperson, Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation, Ewha Women’s University