User Guide for Legal Terms

Searches in Korean

You can search for Standard Terms and Statute Name even when you do not know the exact name in English.

To Search for Standard Terms, if you type a word in korean that you want to search in the search box, you can obtain a search result that includes the word in korean, any corresponding standard term from the database of the Korean and English Glossary of Legal Terms, The button "Enter Now" will appear next to the result.

If you click on Enter Now, then the standard term is automatically searched so as to further your search.

To search for Statute Name, type a word from a statute name in Korean in the search box, then the relevant statute name will appear in English.

Keyword Search

You may perform a search by using a particular word from the text of a statute. By designating the scope of your search, you can find the desired result more easily.

YAs the database of Statues in English includes information on the statutory history, it is generally possible to search them by statutory history although it may not be applicable to some statutes.

For any queries about other search methods, direct inquires to the Webmaster. Ask the Webmaster